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Different people have different priorities.

Fair would be you spend your money on your priorities and I spend my money on mine.

As it is, the State takes part of both of our paychecks and whichever candidate is elected to office gets to pick the priorities.

For the first time in almost a decade, that wasn’t your candidate.


You’ve gotten so used to winning that battle of funding Ouija that your ideas and priorities and values have become, in your mind, Enlightenment.

They’re not. They’re just your ideas and priorities and values.

Mine aren’t either. They’re just my ideas and priorities and values.

I’d be happy with the original deal — separate checks.

You want one check. You want to split the check and vote on the restaurant.

Well, that means that some nights, we go to Bobby Van’s in Midtown instead of the Court Street farm to table place.

This is one of those nights.

Elections have consequences.

Don’t insist on the game and then complain when you lose.