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Economic inequality of the type that Piketty has catalogued is the result of central bank monetary policy. The process by which new money is injected into the economy via 23 banks also suppresses interest rates that are the discount factor for valuing financial assets. The new money and suppressed rates have the effect of inflating the prices of the assets owned and traded by the 1%, while the resulting impact on prices erodes the purchasing power of wages earned by the 99%. It is not a market failure curable by a tax, but simply a regressive tax. It is not produced by the market at all, but by the central banks.

Abortion is a procedure that one has performed with respect to one’s body during pregnancy. The adage used to justify it is and has always been “my body = my choice.” That’s right — MY choice. Other people get to choose too — and they seem to be choosing to not SUBSIDIZE your abortion. That is absolutely not the same thing as PREVENTING you from having an abortion. And it is dishonest to misrepresent these two positions as being the same. Not only is it dishonest but it is a signal that you don’t think that stating your actual position — that everyone else should not be able to choose to not subsidize your choice — would get you the political result that you want.

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