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OK again, minimum wage is a price floor. Price floors do not work the way you seem to think they work. They do not work the way people presently making $7/hour think they work — there’s a reason that they make $7/hour.

Whatever amount of time someone who in many years has gone from server to cook has spent trying to unionize servers and cook, she should have spent half that time taking night classes in any number of fields that pay more than double what she makes as a cook. The ads are all over the subway, and there is tuition assistance — the tuition is almost nothing anyway. Go to Apex. Learn plumbing or phlebotomy or basic accounting — something, anything that will provide better hours, much better pay and more stability. Learn a skill or a trade, or both.

Pushing to do $7/hour of work and get paid $15/hour is not going to work — and if you end up with a price floor, will just get you replaced by robots.

I know that you do not, as a laborer and/or a “Progressive,” like the laws of economics, but they are like the laws of physics — they’re not ideologies, they’re just reality. But you can make them work for you. And when you leave work, you’re free to buy what you want, spend how much or little you want to spend on a good or service — and in so doing you dictate the constraints of the wages of all involved in providing that good or service.

Look in the mirror. You get $7/hour because you deliver a good or service that is worth $7/hour, according to the consumers — and you are one of the consumers.

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