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The tax system is already very steeply graduated. The top 20% of taxpayers pay 80% of the income taxes. And nearly every year, federal revenue goes UP while federal spending goes UP FASTER. Do you not feel the least bit ashamed about that? At some point, the answer to everything is not “let’s take money away from someone else to pay for vote-buying.” It’s rather shameful to think that this is the answer — and to feign outrage at the idea that you can’t spend even MORE of someone else’s money to solve your problems. And then you misrepresent the issue as an existential one — whether to have a safety net, or whether to starve the beast. The safety net grows by leaps and bounds and yet doesn’t do the job, and the beast has been back to the buffet table for a third helping, and is about to die of clogged arteries.

There’s also not nearly enough potential tax revenue to even cover all the vote-buying — eventually you have to resort to debt, which you end up not being able to pay, which is how Venezuela happened. Who has healthcare in Venezuela? They definitely have a diet plan — the socialism diet.

The whole progressive ideology is selfish and ignorant— you take from your neighbors and then you take from your grandchildren, until there is nothing left.

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