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You do realize that using the word “denier” and attempting to silence debate reflects only on you, right?

Nobody “denies climate” or “denies climate change.” In fact, most skeptics merely point out that change happens all the time, and that so far the changes have often not mirrored projections — with specific predictions as to weather anomalies changing more often than the weather itself.

It’s not a binary issue. Once can accept the obvious realities that mankind has increase the atmospheric concentration of CO2 by one ten thousandth of the atmosphere since the early 1800s, that this increase is largely responsible for the 1 degree and change increase in average surface temperature since then, and that CO2 traps heat and thus, all other things being equal, will lead to warming through an insulation-like effect. And yet one can still point to all other things not having been equal in the long run, and point to all the myriad and contradictory predictions as to what weather will result from global warming and how much warming will occur, and to attempts to fend off criticism with insults such as “ignorant, anti-science DENIER!” and the wholesale revision of the climate history on the basis of tree rings that have shown to be unreliable, and conclude that the notion that we should be on the lookout for four horsemen to ride by is completely baseless.

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