STRIVE Challenge 2016

Paul Williams
Sep 15, 2016 · 17 min read


The journey.

Welcoming words from Sam Branson

Day 1: the hardest physical thing … yet

Picture by Adam Slama

Day 2: The Giro D’Italia ruined me

Richard Branson, in remarkable shape considering his bad accident was only a couple of weeks before
At 3,700 ft on part of the brutal Giro d’Italia

Day 3: Digging so deep. Heat exhaustion, dehydration, energy sapped

Sunrise in Sestri Levante
Holly Branson — her enthusiastic emails got me here!

Day 4: Fell off. Got lost. Caught in a Thunderstorm. Swallowed a Fly

Approaching San Gimignano

Day 5: Finito

Nothing beats a good biscuit

After the end — Reflections.

Paul Williams

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Systems Architect and Software Engineering Manager at Bloomberg in London. Passions: photos, music, space, tech, travel, philanthropy & STEM. Opinions my own.

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