A Need for a New Education: Starting Over
Paul Tatter

A charming paean to an educational utopia. But unrealistic and impractical in the present era. The goal of this cradle-to-grave Learning Park appears to be joyousness and self-realization. And, while I seek joy and fulfillment as much as anyone, first I have to survive.

In addition, although I agree there are problems in public education, I’m not convinced the root causes are what Tatter suggests. Moreover, many schools already provide nurturing, freedom-filled environments that stimulate creativity, innovation, and excellence in learning.

This article is beautifully written and I respect the author’s passionate ideals, but I’ve been reading this kind of thing for decades. This particular version is philosophically appealing but does not provide real assistance to parents, children, or policy-makers as we encounter the future and try to spend limited resources wisely.

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