The Epic Collapse of the Democrats

Republicans have a tremendous opportunity on their hands to put some distance between themselves and the left politically. Crazed leftists are shooting congressman, and the party as a whole is shooting itself in the foot. It’s actually rather poetic, considering that for years leftists have been trying to ban weapons from the public sphere. As the radical arm of the Democrat party becomes more outlandish by the day, the moderate left is jumping off of the sinking ship. It only makes sense — the moderates don’t want to be associated with a terrorist organization. This comes out to a net win for Republicans, evidenced by President Trump’s recent jump in approval rating. In their blind rage, the left is doing the right a huge favor. They may never be climb out of the hole that they are digging right now. My proposal is that as a party, the Republicans enjoy themselves while the Democrats chase their own tail. We should refrain from giving them candid advice on how to break out of their own death spiral.

Often I have found myself guilty of trying to help the Democrats. It may be impossible, as they are not keen on reason, but why take the chance? Why tell them what they are doing wrong? If we let them continue on their current path, they could be in for a massive collapse, unlike any other in American political history. They are set to self destruct, and they reek of desperation.

Consider that they just blew $24 million of the DNC budget to back this empty suit financially in GA 6th District Special Election:

John Ossoff (D) — Candidate in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District Special Election

Naturally, Jon Ossoff did not live in the district in which he ran , and had no clue what was important to local constituents. The Democrats thought that they could throw money at him, and that would suffice to win them an election. Sound familiar? It’s the same tactic they used in the Presidential election last year, and the same one that they use to try to fix problems when they manage to get elected. They’ve lost 60 House and Congressional seats in 6 years. They don’t have much of a platform these days. They have no substantial message to fall back on. Seriously — can anyone tell me what the Democrats stand for right now? The answer is something along the lines of obstruction, and hatred for Donald Trump. Heads up, lefties, that’s not a platform! Maybe that accounts for why they had the worst fundraising month since February 2003 in the month of May. They brought in an embarrassing total of $4.3 million. The fact that they have wasted most of their budget for 2017 on five lost special elections, and are having a difficult time refilling the coffers, is the first major sign that the left is self-destructing.

The left also has the issue of the news media. It is no secret that for a while, Americans have not trusted the mainstream news. Do you remember this, from the Huffington Post?

Had the mainstream news not been so smug in declaring Hillary Clinton the winner of election that she obviously did not have in the bag, they may have saved what little credibility that had left. Of course, after being so arrogant, one might think that they would have something of a “come to Jesus” moment, and apologize for their inaccurate coverage. But then again, Democrats don’t believe in Jesus. They belong to the religious order of Climate Change, an issue they continue to push while they’re busy not apologizing for being so horribly wrong about Donald Trump. Instead of an apology, they’ve doubled down.

At this point, who isn’t familiar with the Russian hoax? One demonstrable way to tell that a story is untrue is if CNN is pushing it 24/7. For the last seven months, CNN has had a breaking news headline about the phony Trump/Russia narrative almost consistently. One might think that they would wait for actual news to report the news. But a lackluster investigation that turned up nothing did not stop CNN. They didn’t even stop when James Comey testified to the fact that there was no investigation in the first place. They are simply outright lying. And it’s not just CNN, it’s all cable news. They have beaten this dead Russian horse so much that a majority of voters, 64% to be exact, actually have Russian hoax fatigue. That story came to a head today, of course, with the release of this Project Veritas video:

That’s right — CNN thinks so little of its American audience that their Supervising Producer is actually bragging about how this Russian saga has been a fraud. It’s all for ratings, he said, along with describing ethics standards as “cute.” It’s a business, he admitted, and ratings are the only important factor. Who cares that the Russian hysteria has put us on the brink of WWIII? Who cares that anti-Trump hysteria has emboldened armed lunatics in shooting congressmen on a baseball field? Networks like CNN have convinced the non-thinking public (i.e. the left) that President Trump is a traitor who must be removed imminently, by any means necessary. They have been silent when leftist celebrities call for assassination of the president, like in the cases of Kathy Griffin, or more recently, Johnny Depp. They have also continue to give a platform to violent rioters in places like Berkeley and Portland, where anti-Trump “protests” by ANTIFA fascists are doing millions of dollars worth of property damage. The brain-dead participants in these riots leave their parents’ basements because they get to dress up in black and swing bike locks around, the closest they can get to trick-or-treating outside of Halloween. They may even be getting paid for their services. The media would not have stood for this type of behavior had the target been Barack Obama or his administration.

The culmination of leftist misgivings over the past few years has put Republicans in a good spot. We have a front row seat to what might just be the end of the Democrats. Average Americans are tired of social justice crybabies. They resent the elitist corporate press in their ivory towers. They are tired of big money controlling politics. They want more transparency. They want a smaller government and lower taxes. They want sane immigration policies. Mostly, though, they just want to be told the truth. That is what the Democrats consistently refuse to give Americans — truth. If the left were to step back and apologize, from the Democrat party, to the media, to the liberal professors in academia, to the school union bosses in inner cities, they might have a shot at righting the ship. That doesn’t seem likely. Here comes the iceberg. The crash is imminent. When they begin to take on water, remember how they’ve treated us. Remember what they think of middle America. Do not let them off the hook.