First off…take my follow. You’ve earned it. Tight, solid writing.
Benjamin Sledge

Thanks for the nice words, Benjamin. I agree with pretty much everything you say here, especially with regard to quality, but I should point out that everyone found this post AFTER it was published in The Writing Cooperative. For the couple of days before it was accepted, my post received a big fat zero recommends.

I don’t ever claim to deserve recommends, but the post seems to be speaking to some people, whereas prior to its being published in the Writing Cooperative, I started to think I had missed the mark by a wide berth. I understand that pubs should be weighted more heavily, but maybe not to that degree. Again, it makes me question the decision-making of the algorithm.

I’m grateful to the Writing Cooperative — it’s a supportive publication that jibes with the spirit of Medium — but other publications are not as democratic. Many of them don’t even accept submissions. When the algorithm seems to favor publications so heavily, that’s a huge disadvantage in getting your stuff seen.