Trump Digest: The Eject Button Edition

Two Incredible Weeks In Review

From #Snifflegate to #Pussygate, The Donald has been Trumptastic since the first debate. Here are some of the highlights:

Let’s start with #Pussygate. Anyone who hasn’t been in a drug-induced coma for the last four days has heard the leaked audio of Trump bragging about being able to grab women by the pussy when you’re a star. Of course, he shouldn’t be grabbing pussy since that’s, you know, sexual assault, but that’s not the only thing he shouldn’t be grabbing.

Remember when Trump said he hasn’t paid taxes in 18 years (Oh wait, he said it again yesterday.). Anyway, these are 18 other things he hasn’t done in 18 years.

Trump can be a little rough with women, so much so that it makes you wonder how he would treat the female version of himself. Wonder no longer.

When taking a bird’s eye view of Trump’s presidential bid, it’s hard not to compare his campaign to that one episode of The Life and Times of Tim in which Tim takes Amy out to Cheng’s: Home of the $1 Slice for Valentine’s Day. The similarities are uncanny.

As a bonus, here’s one that explains why Hillary is unfit for the presidency. Spoiler: Emailing is not one of them.

Thanks to Elliot Nichols for giving me the idea for this post, and thanks to Carina Sitkus and Shaun Gamboa for publishing some of these posts in the first place.