Do I NEED flood insurance?

Do I NEED flood insurance?

Now, I’m not the kind of guy that likes to say “No”, but the next 5 questions regarding flood insurance, the answer is going to be “No”.

#1. Do I NEED flood insurance?

Answer: No, you don’t NEED flood insurance, but if it rains where you live, it might be a good idea to have it. The only one that can require that you have flood insurance is your lien holder for your home. If you live in a flood zone, they will require you to have flood insurance.

#2. Doesn’t my homeowner’s policy cover flood?

Answer: No, flood and homeowner’s insurance are two TOTALLY different policies.

#3. Can’t I just buy flood insurance online?

Answer: No. Just kidding, but do you know enough about flood insurance to be able to make that decision on your own? If not, check with an independent insurance agent that will sit down with you and discuss this with you to pick the best option for you.

#4. Aren’t these policies expensive?

Answer: No. These policies, if you aren’t in a flood zone, can be a couple hundred bucks and max about $450/year.

#5. If my house does get flooded, can’t I just rely on the government or FEMA to bail me out?

Answer: Seriously?

Do you have more questions regarding flood insurance? Let us know!