4 Principles that will improve your conversion right now

You probably have done some research on the topic but found the same boring and useless tips, I am not giving you tips but a mindset/perspective to use with your product/service from now on.

Anyways, every case is different and a solution that might be good for a particular product or service can be the exact opposite of a solution that worked for another startup, because of that, I am only going through the universal principals that can help anyone, right now!

1. Know what to give priority to


Slack Landing page redesign concept

What you can do to fix it:Like I said before making a list of what things are most important for people to see is a great way to startup and keep you in the right mindset. But how do I know if I the priorities right? Simple, just use a blur test.

Blur test:

2. Improve your content

Using the right kind of images (examples):

Explanation: If you use poor quality or stock images you will never be able to get a point across using them and your credibility will be damaged for sure, few people can trust a website that has images everyone has seen in an ugly PowerPoint presentation or on every other website.

What you can do to fix it: You need to find images that have a composition that complements both your copy by leading the eye to it and helps support the message in the text.

3. Plan and structure your message

Explanation: Have you ever stopped to think what makes a product easy to understand its value and justify its purchase from one that didn’t get or didn’t even bother to get? I will tell what the difference is, every single piece of the message you got from them was carefully simplified and structured in order to respond to people’s needs and their common objections such as:

  1. What is it?
  2. How is it different and better?
  3. What value can I get from it?
  4. How much would it cost?
  5. I don’t know if I trust them… Do they have results to show?
  6. Are people getting value from this? Can my situation relate to them?

What you can do to fix it: If you got the previous explanation the next steps will be easy, simply try to answer the previous questions with your website in a similar order.

  1. Intro - Give people a short and clear introduction of what you have to offer, this might seem simple but since it’s the first thing people will see be sure to grab their attention, otherwise you might lose them right at the beginning.
  2. Who is it for and why it is different?- This is all about knowing your target customer and what makes your product better if you don’t know what is is or have trouble giving a simple explanation, you can ignore this article because you have more work to do…
  3. How it works/ Feature showcase - give people a simple overview of how it works and try to describe your main features, don’t be too detailed on this because you can always include a link for the full explanation of a complicated feature.
  4. Social proof - Don’t use vague testimonials like “ It’s so easy to use” or “It reduced the time I needed to do X”, instead use social proof to show what results you can bring to your potential customers, more like “I have seen an increase 50% in X” , if you can add a couple well-known companies that use your product or good press coverage, you couldn’t be in a better place to create social proof.
  5. Final CTA- After letting people know how amazing your product/service is you have the final chance to show them a way to sign up, stay tuned or even buy your product directly, just place the appropriate call to action it is here where all the work you put in above will pay out.

4. Get some reference, learn from it and take action

Great Product Explanation:


Great Social Proof:

Smartb Platform by Significa
Inboard.com Redesign Concept

Great CTA’s:


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