arrangement is meant to ensure an essentially equivalent level of data protection to that enjoyed in Europe
The fine print on the Coursera partner conference 2016
Paul-Olivier Dehaye

This arrangement is actually not valid anymore, as Safe Harbor was invalidated on October 6th 2015. Under the scheme, Coursera’s obligations towards its users remain however until January 6th 2017. A new scheme will come and replace Safe Harbor, presumably the Privacy Shield arrangement currently in the works. On February 13th 2016, Isabelle Falque-Perrotin, head of the French data protection office and of the EU committee on such matters, said that “transfers to the U.S. cannot take place on the basis of the invalidated Safe Harbour decision. EU data protection authorities will therefore deal with related cases and complaints on a case-by-case basis.” Since Coursera still relies exclusively on Safe Harbor and hasn’t reacted since October, it is thus in an illegal situation.

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