Alignment vs Autonomy

I think every team player should have those concepts very clear. I've been reading about Management, Motivation, Agile Teams and Productive Teams for a long time and in this short animated video describing Spotify’s engineering culture I've found one of the best explanations:

Alignment vs Autonomy
- Down here is low alignment and low autonomy. Micromanagement Culture, no high level purpose just shut up and follow orders.
- Up here is high Alignment, but low autonomy. So leaders are good communicating what problems needs to be solved, but also they are telling people how to solve it.
- High Alignment and High Autonomy means leaders focus on what problems to solve but let the teams figure out how to solve it
- What about down here then? Low alignment and high autonomy. Means teams do whatever they want…

Where are you and where are you trying to be?