My Online Education


A little bit of context:

  1. I’m an Information Systems Engineer and I’ve been working in the Software Industry as a Project Manager for the last 3 years.
  2. I like to study and learn new things, a lot.
  3. For some x_reason I want to study and learn about Data Science.
  4. I don’t like Universities (Let’s say the current Education System and I have our differences)
  5. There is this little cool thing called “The Internet”
  6. There are these awesome MOOCs that gives you free access to best teachers and courses in the World.
  7. I do really want to study and learn.

My Online Education

This is kind a social experiment and my hypothesis are:

  1. You can have access to a very good quality education directly from your house and for free, only internet and a computer is required. (maybe some cash for books).
  2. The software industry cares a lot about the experience and the willing to learn maybe more than some x_degree in x_university, so having a good Online Courses curricula in your CV and a good GitHub repository should be similar to a Master Degree (In terms of hiring value).

First Research

There are plenty of MOOCs available: Coursera, edX, Stanford, Udacity and so on. Even an aggregator of MOOC course listings high-quality MOOCs from reputable providers.

There are plenty of blogs, tutorials, free e-books, Youtube talks about the skills needed to be a “Data Scientist”.

There are plenty of people to follow in Twitter that are constantly sharing amazing stuff.

In one hand you have what it is needed and in the other hand material and resources to help you learn about that.

My Own Curricula

After researching about courses and skills needed I created a Study Plan. I wanted to complete at least 40 online curses covering the basic skills needed to became a Data Scientist. So far, I have decided the Study plan for 2015 covering the most generic topics like Statistics, Machine Learning, Model Thinking, Data Manipulation:

Link to my Data Science Curricula (WIP)

There is a mix of courses from different Platforms, some are MOOC and some are just a compilation of Youtube videos with links to the materials. Some of them offers a certificate and others requires some money for it or for a Verified Certificate. I’m going to pay one or two just as a way to say thanks and contribute to the growth of the MOOCs but I can’t afford most of the courses, so I’m just going to take them and learn.

The Road so Far…

So far I’ve finished 5 courses from Coursera’s Data Science Specialization and I’m currently studying 2 more. Data Analysis with R from Udacity and Regression Models from Coursera’s Specialization.

So far, I’ve learned a lot, not only for the courses itself but also from the community. I have created a list of Data People on Twitter so I’m always reading blogs and news about the Data World.

Also, Youtube Channels like PyData or Strata + Hadoop give me access to the world’s Top Conferences videos for free. This is simply amazing.

Next Steps

Even when most of the courses have Programming Excercises and very nice Projects (an example of an analysis I made for Udacity’s Course) I’m going to start thinking on Personal Projects to apply all the stuff I’m learning. So far I’ve decided to start with some Introductory Competences of while I keep searching for public Data Sets in Argentina.

I’m already excited and wondering about all the things I will learn in 2015.

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