5 Top Secrets to Gain Victory & Stop Procrastinating

Stop letting your devices, social media, the news sabotage your career

Devices Can Be Addictive

Pricilla admitted, “I reach for my telephone the first thing each morning. I get caught up on social media and the next thing I know I am late and rushing to work in bumper-to-bumper traffic.”

She confesses, “I hate procrastinating. I have no time for social media because there is so much to do in the morning; getting my kids to daycare. But I have to check before I begin my morning.”

Pricilla looked down at her hands, “I don’t mean to put things off until the last minute. But, my best work gets done when I am under the pressure of a deadline.”

These are statements I have heard over the years from lawyers who procrastinate. In fact, procrastination is a huge problem for many lawyers/solicitors.

Technology Comes at a Cost

Lawyers spend too much of their time glued to their devices. Unfortunately, lawyers have also lost their personal power because their devices control them. Smartphones, computers, tablets, lure them away from reality, and they procrastinate.

These warriors for the law play games, check Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other updates. Many are addicted to checking the news. Tweets, cell phone calls, and instant messages regularly break their concentration.

Consequences for Procrastination

When solicitors fail to respond to a client’s deadlines, it is one of the biggest sources of disciplinary complaints. It also makes a lawyer vulnerable to malpractice exposure.

Meet Randy

Randy admitted, “I can’t seem to focus on any case that I’m working on. I get a cup of coffee, check my email, and take a couple of phone calls then I finally get around to it.”

Randy adds, laughing, “As soon as I get going, I find myself surfing the Internet or checking my LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook. I do this all day long.

Feeling guilty, I work late into the night. I am trying to have something to show for my billable hours.”

Randy continues, “When I get home, I am so exhausted. All I can do is sit in front of my television and stare at it. I know it sounds crazy, but I even procrastinate going to bed. I stare at the television screen nursing a drink until it is around 2:00 am, and then I finally collapse into bed.”

“The next morning, I continue to procrastinate. I keep hitting the snooze button too many times. Then I check my phone. I always arrive at the office much later than planned.”

Randy’s story is not uncommon. For many lawyers, social media is used as a way to procrastinate.

5 Top Secrets to Gain Victory & Stop Procrastinating

While social media and the news are often used to put off work, it is not the root reason for procrastinating. Here are five “Don’ts” and then five secrets to help you overcome procrastination.

Don’t: Get lost in Perfectionism or the fear of not doing it right.

Secret №1:

Don’t: Make a habit of waiting until the last possible minute.

Secret №2:
Mark your calendar when it needs to be completed. Next, set specific times in your schedule ahead of time to finish.

Don’t: Set your devices on your desk when you are working on an important task.

Secret №3:
Put your devices on airplane mode to avoid distractions and interruptions.

Don’t: Allow yourself to become bored and anxious and lonely.

Secret №4:
Make a deal with yourself to reward yourself with something that you enjoy upon completion of the task. Dinner with friends or family, a movie or a walk in the park.

Don’t: Drink alcohol, take drugs, suffer from hangovers, or become burned out, depressed or fail to get enough sleep.

Secret №5:
Make sure to protect your physical, mental or emotional health. Regular exercise, proper diet, getting enough sleep is imperative.

Bonus Tips:

Setting a time limit to work nonstop can help you get work done. Set your timer for 15 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes, or 1 hour, and work nonstop until the timer goes off. Using a timer will help you get back into the habit of working nonstop without being distracted.

Many times it will be well worth the time and effort to get outside help. Avoiding or ignoring these behaviors can have disastrous consequences to your legal career.

Don’t delay! The easiest way to start being more productive is to do the work.

Extra Bonus Tip

Because most lawyers are proud, they hate to admit that they need help until it is too late.

When you realize that you are out of control and cannot change your procrastinating behaviors, it is time to seek help.

These are all emotional and mental difficulties. These challenges are best sorted out by getting support from someone else. Working with a professional, therapist, consultant, a coach can help you overcome these problems.

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