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After reading “The Origin of Wealth” by Eric Beinhocker and “NonZero” by Robert Wright along with “Why Nations Fail” by Daron Acemoğlu and James A. Robinson I would say that economists at large don’t have a clue. Corruption and cheating is never contemplated in academic economics. We are all rational robots? Ha!

Humans are, if nothing, else driven by economics — one needs food — yes/?— so — some economic activity has to happen, i.e. grow, hunt, and/or fish for food. If one can mine precious objects then one also trade for food and desired objects.

I don’t think getting rid fiat money or the Federal Reserve and using Commodity money would solve our problem. There probably is no alternative economic system that “creative” humans could not scam. See discussion on Roman Empire by Joseph Tainter (youTube). There are not simple answer to complexity! And the universe / solar system / earth / biosphere is dynamic and complex and adaptive.

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