LingXM is a platform that provides abundant practice material for language learning, and is based on the TIAA principles.
In the current version, LingXM offers 9 learning languages.

The process is simple and straight-forward:
The user searches for words or phrases of the learning language, and is provided with sentences that contain these terms.
You can do

  • simple word search
  • multiple word search which, if possible, will provide results containing all the search terms in a sentence
  • phrase search where the phrase is put in quotation marks
  • asterisk (*) search for incomplete words, e.g. a search for wi* will provide sentences with wind, will, with, winter, and so on.

Where possible, the platform provides a machine translation and a machine reading of the sentences in the selected site language (your native language). The buttons for these functions are on the right of each sentence.

By clicking on words inside a sentence, the “Search” button on the bottom left of each sentence is activated. The user can then click on this button and perform another search with the selected word(s).
This function gives the user the possibility to permanently get to know new words in context.

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