The entrepreneurial guide star

All of us who take risks and live life on our own terms wrestle with many fears, many doubts, and many struggles. To be sure, this is a lonely road.

But underneath it all —there a few things we all have in common, when we are bringing our whole selves to the game:

  1. Clarity of purpose.
  2. Purity of intent.
  3. A rock-solid work ethic.

If you don’t have all three, get the rest and support you need to build them up. But then once you are ready, get back on the horse.

Entrepreneurial friends, we may all feel quite lost from time to time in the wilderness that each of us have cut our way into. But this is what binds us to the journey we’re on, this is what drives us, and this is what connects each of us to each other, even if our paths may never cross.

Into the night, we ride.