Bollywood, turbans, selfies and more selfies! — Welcome to DrupalCon Asia Day 2

A rousing and colourful #PreNote packed with music and dance was an early antidote to jet lag and talking Drupal into the early hours! And they say developers can’t dance ….

Even at this early hour ordinarily reserved techies were dancing their hearts out ….

Dries was treated to traditional dress ahead of his keynote, just took a little longer than normal — respect is due to his trademark spiky hair.

Much talk of headless Drupal, innovations like Wim Leer’s big pipe discussions and demos.

With all the excitement it may have gone unnoticed that @emma_maria88 delivered her first ever DrupalCon session. Judging by her smiles a floorless delivery despite nerves.

Between all the amazing sessions and presentations, BoFs and meetings there’s an awful lot of fun going down. Of course 11:45 is Dries Buytaert Selfie o’clock. Everyone knows that, right?

Between selfies Dries Buytaert managed to devote some time to interesting community driven initiatives like @DrupalCAP.

India is such a smiley nation. everyone at DrupalCon Asia has embraced the fun aspects introduced by the sponsors …

No one seems to be having more fun than Jeffrey A. "jam" McGuire. He’s had quite a day!

It’s a delight to witness people, young, old of every creed and colour at Drupal events.

And the girls take over. Yay!

More magical meetings of friends who have never met …

The amazing lady responsible for organising DrupalCon, Amanda Gonser is still smiling. She must have some special open sauce in that bag?

And my favourite shot from the day, has to be this selfie with Dries.

To end the day, one final chance selfie with Dries.