Drupal Association public board meeting at Drupal Europe 2018

The annual festival of Drupal in Europe is happening right now in Darmstadt, Germany. The very fact this magnificent conference is happening is a strong message that the Drupal community is strong and vibrant in Europe, since this is an entirely volunteer organised event.

The Drupal Association Public Board Meeting is an ideal window for any community member to gain a view of what the association is achieving, hold them accountable. For several years I’ve always made time to attend. This meeting was particularly special as we say au revior to Megan Sanicki, Executive Director.

All photos below are available under Creative Commons license along with many more on the conference Flickr.

The other major announcement was that there will be a DrupalCon in Europe in 2019, and Kuoni Events have been issued a license to deliver the event. The exact dates and location of DrupalCon Europe 2019 will be announced during the Dries Buytaert keynote on Wednesday.

The Druplacon advisory Board, co-chaired by Baddý Breidert and Leon Tong, has been tasked with responsibility of ensuring DrupalCon Europe continues to be run in the spirit and maintain the uniqueness of major Drupal events in the region.

“Megan has touched every aspect of Drupal. We’re happy for where she’s going (Google), she’s not leaving the open source family.” Dries Buytaert

A search commitee has been appointed, to identify suitable candidates for Megan’s replacement, responsible for ensuring good cultural fit aswell as the new executive director brings the right business accumen and strategic thinking.

Drupal is in great shape thanks to Megan’s hard work and dedication. We have a great story to tell, as a project, a lot has to do with the health of the Drupal project and the community. Adam Goodman

The committe includes Adam Goodman, Dries Buytaert, Tiffany Fariss and Tim Lehnen. There is a vacancy for one more member of the search committee.

“Searches like this can take 2–4 months, equally it could be 12 months. It is important we find the right person. we are one of the largest OS projects for someone looking to lead an open source project we are as good as it gets.” Dries Buytaert
The board is in good spirits with many great strides in Drupal’s marketing initiatives
Dries took time to recognise the huge contributions Baddy and all the Drupal Europe tema have made to achieve the conference successfully

Tim Lehnen, interim Drupal Association Executive Director , reported on the investments the association have made to promote Drupal Adoption and in particular the expanding number of industry landing pages. He also sent reassurances that the priorities and objectives of the DA aren’t changing and Megan hands over her role with things in good shape.

Members of the Drupal Association Board rotate, Shyamala Rajaram and Donna Benjamin’s terms end this year. Part of the meeting was dedicated to thanking community members for their substantial efforts.

Shyamala Rajaram reviews her accomplishments as At Large Board member at the end of her 2 year tenure
Dries thanks Donna Benjamin for her 7 years of hard work and dedication whilst acting as Drupal Association Board Member
The Drupal Association board welcomes new At Large Member Suzanne Dergacheva

Not everyone in Drupal has been around long enough to know the full extent of Megan’s contributions to Drupal’s governance. Jacob Redding flew in specially to recount how 8 years ago Megan played a major part in initiating what today we call the Drupal Association.