Drupal Strategy Summit day 1

It might have escaped your attention but last week The Drupal Association announced this weekend’s Board Meeting ahead of DrupalCon Vienna would be focus mainly upon exploring a holistic strategy for the future of Drupal.

This is a significant step for Drupal to be taking, showing a change in mindset and growing maturity of leadership, an openess to hearing our opinions. Regonising the role of vision in providing our large community with a greater sense of purpose is a positive leap.

Beyond board members, a diverse range of representatives from the Drupal communities and business across the globe have been invited to participate in workshops facilitated by Adam Goodman.

The objective is to take the first steps in a journey towards defining answers to big questions like “What does success look for Drupal in the next 3–5 years?”, understand possible directions Drupal could head, determine what ingredients we might need to achieve any given goal.

The day has been intense, we’ve posed tough, challenging no holds barred questions to Dries Buytaert, @megansanicki, members of the board. In return some frank and honest answers, expression of strong willingness to change particularly from Dries’s perspective. Recognition that some (big) things may need to be different if we are to thrive and prosper as a community in the years to come. In governance, structure, process, approach and more.

We discussed openly about the troubling times the community has faced during the past year, more recently the matters around DrupalCon Europe. Stand out points made by Rachel Lawson on the differences between how the Drupal community percieve the Drupal Association, governance and conflict resolution and what is reality. That the association need to work far harder to address these issues.

Shyamala Rajaram presented research findings on the state of the Drupal community whilst Jacob Redding and Annie Miller reported on the competitive landscape of the CMS market. Some fascinating insights that will be shared.

Shyamala Rajaram

Whilst there is no expectation to conclude the weekend with anything like concrete answers, after just one day I feel optimistic that the leadership and governance of Drupal is poised to take a constructive and positive direction. Looking forward to diving deeper tomorrow.

Update: Read report on Day to here.

Dries, Jeff Walpole and Taco Potze˙during a lighter moment