Drupal Pitch Deck at 60+ case studies

It’s just 3 weeks since we announced our call for content. I am delighted to report that over 60 case study slides have so far been submitted, with others pending client approval.

Who have we slides from?

These include instantly recognisable brands The United Nations, YMCA, Oxfam, Price Waterhouse Coopers, FC Copenhagen to smaller organisations service niches or having regional focus. Slides have been produced by solo developers, cooperatives, drupal shops, digital agencies and clients too.

We want the deck to remain relevant. Whilst the initial deadline has passed, submissions remain open perpetually.

A small selection of the broad range of case studies contained in V1.0 of the pitch deck

What’s the next steps for case studies?

  1. The amazing people at Evolving Web in Canada, who created the original slide template, have agreed to select 4 slides and bring them exactly in line with the Drupal brand. These will set the standard to which all other slides must meet.
  2. The remaining 60 or more slides will be worked on by our team to reach visual consistency.
  3. The slide notes will be harmonised by volunteer wordsmiths.
  4. The case studies will be released for Drupal Association approval
  5. Case studies will be uploaded to Drupal.org for general use

What about the Drupal specific slides?

Glad you asked. We plan to work on introductory slides next. Those conveying the unique value proposition of Drupal and a library of slides covering specific topics and themes like accessibility, performance, commerce, governance, usability and much more.

How are we going to make this possible?

To achieve this we plan to recruit volunteers who may not be the subject experts, to produce a slide of their choice and take responsibility over sourcing the information from the experts in that area. In this way we are creating a winning combination of those able to convey the message and the people with the domain knowledge.

If you are interested in getting involved in this area please contact me here.