Six Weeks Without Facebook (And Counting)
George DeMet

Nice thought provoking piece George. A concern I have about Facebook usage is that to many it IS the internet. It is pretty much all they consume. This is very worrying, and it is no wonder because Facebook do all they can to make it difficult to find the original source of information (so you can see begin to establish if it is credible for instance).

I’ve seen some unsavoury exchanges on Facebook between ‘friends’. It is also worth reflecting on the truth that most that is on Facebook is the best in people’s lives. The mundane or unpleasant parts, the humdrum never reaches FB. Unfortunately not everyone sees it through this perspective. This can lead to people feeling resentful or unsuccessful compared to their friends with perfect lives. I’ve seen cases where bullying over Facebook have lead to teenagers committing suicide.

Social media has been with us for about a decade. We are only just starting to realise the impact it is having on society both good and bad. For me it has been one of greatest tools which I have to forge meaningful and positive relationships around the globe. A tool which you and I both have used to achieve great good. Used carefully social media is great, though I have to agree with you though, I have often felt worse after time spent on Facebook.