I don’t think it will come to the surprise to many, though, that I am left feeling frustrated that it concentrates on code-contribution, though
On Measuring Contribution
Rachel Lawson

The notion of credits for commits in Drupal was first presented by Dries Buytaert at DrupalCon Amsterdam. I was invited to interview him on stage after this keynote. I posed the question of non code based credit, even then he was mindful of these and had considered them. The ability to track code contributions is commits, as you know, the D.O team has made possible after some considerable engineering effort. So Dries Buytaert has delivered on his commitment part 1. As you say this was the easier contribution types to track. However, there is a possibility this framework could be extended to grant non code contributions. For my mind, all we need to do is introduce a framework. For example a proposer and a seconded for a credit relating to non code based contributions. That way each has equal worth, relatively. I do think we can work it out.