I think your celebrate the 8 project was a great example of this, but a simple postcard news wall that’s quickly accessible from the main site homepage could be an easy way for people to post and engage.
Couldn’t agree more Paul, great article.
David Bishop

You are not the first to see some similarity between this and the success of the #Celebr8D8 campaign. I agree the humanisation of the community it achieved was very powerful and achieved unexpected and surprising results. Whilst that was a community driven project, on a separate domain, the idea I have currently in my minds eye belongs on Drupal.org. That way as the library of stories grows it becomes a valuable set of content that can be referenced in relevant areas of D.O (like marketing calls to action). Also the stories might then link out to areas where someone interested could start to get engaged with the community via events, camps, meetups, groups.drupal.org discussions, even issue queues.