Is Your Head Spinning with Too Many Plates In the Air?

Everyone loves details, right? Actually, I like details, sometimes…when they are manageable. But there are times that all of us get absorbed by details or even buried by them.

There you are, in your world, you have that job or business, you have your family or relationships, you have your passions or hobbies, you have the day-to-day stuff, and sometimes it feels like you’re trying to keep a bunch of plates spinning — and the plates are spinning faster, and faster, and faster. Am I right?

Remember this: As you add “just one more” plate to the stack — because you thought you could handle it (or someone else was sure you could), and you have grown a third arm to keep it all going — Keep your focus on the prize.

I’m talking about the bigger picture of what you are doing and why. When you take on new things, you often start with a big vision. If you have been reading or watching Creative Genius You, you might even have a visual of that vision.

The vision is one part of the creative genius equation that you leverage to make change in your life. The second part is keeping your focus on the vision despite the distractions, and the third is managing the details — the people, processes and technology that help you achieve your vision. When you are making change in your life, you need to have repeatable systems, and until you do, it’s up to you to keep all of those plates spinning.

Watch professional plate spinners though and you’ll see that they don’t look at the individual plates; they keep their focus on the whole system. Good leaders and change-makers do the very same thing. They shift their focus between the long-distance vision that they are going for and the up-front details. Back and forth, back and forth.

Shifting your focus takes discipline and, honestly, it’s easy to lose. If you do lose it, listen to your inner creative genius. Remember that you can only hear your creative genius in silence — without the TV or the headphones, the phone screen or the emails. When you get quiet you can retrieve the bigger picture and “hear” the easiest route through the weeks ahead. That shift brings perspective and helps remind you that this is just one moment in a long history of time, and look — there are trees, and there is a forest too.

This week, while you are spinning some awesome plates of your own, step back and remember the bigger reason you are here and the why YOU make a difference. Because you do, Creative Genius, you do.