Leave Your Magic Mark

Leave your magic mark, and share your sun!

You never know who you will touch, how many people will be transformed, called to action or moved by something you have shared or done. While looking for validation is not the point of giving, sometimes things happen to remind you that your gift matters. Most of us just do things for others because we want to make the world a better place. We want to fill it with more love, more happiness, more peace. And in doing so, sometimes we leave our personal magic mark on someone.

When I think about the magic marks people left for me, there are so, so many. That eighth grade poetry coach, my gay waterpolo teacher who let me stay at her house when my first same sex romance fell apart, my Evergreen faculty who continue to be role models for me even today. If I included everyone who has done something to give me a boost up, I’d have a list many miles long and I know you would too. We thrive, change and grow because people see our potential and help us to step into our biggest selves.

As the year draws to a close, think about the people who left their mark on you but also let yourself reflect on those you touched with your unique magic mark. Give thanks for both. Both experiences help you learn and grow. Behind the scenes here in the creative genius imaginatorium, I get at least one story a week from one of you who has been in a workshop or listened to a talk, and drawn and stepped into your future. Your stories are inspiring!

Here’s Linda’s story, which she sent me last week. She’d been to a conference where I introduced the group to the Draw Your Future process.

The drawing I made that day — January 15, 2016 — was the first time I actually laid out my heart’s bold plan — desiring to find a house and move by the beach, increase my lifestyle quality and decrease the stress with my job and begin to focus a little more hopes and dreams rather than be a victim of work and circumstances. It was a transitional time for us as my husband was retiring and I was and still am working. We decided on the area we wanted to be in, I boldly asked if I could go remote, we sold our house in CT, moved to Lewes DE a year ago and watched a new house we designed be built AND WE JUST MOVED into our new house last month! I still have the drawing and I’m in awe at how fast that purposeful intention came to fruition!

- Linda D

This year I’m committing to expanding our creative genius community and linking our genius together. I’ll be sharing your stories, and finding new ways to connect you to the people you need to meet through some Creative Genius magic! Let’s make 2019 the year we are inspired by our collective genius, that magical creative genius equation combusting imagination, intuition, desire and drive.

You are amazing and sometimes taking pencil to paper is just the kick start you need to remember your magic mark — it will transform your life and the lives of those around you, so leave your magic mark everywhere!

This year, we are cooking up some amazing tools for you in the Up Your Creative Genius laboratory. 2019 will be the year of all years! (but you already knew that!)