Set Yourself Up To Win

Everyone loves to win things. Winning increases our brains’ dopamine receptors, which make us feel happy, could makes us smarter and gives us a sense of validation. “You are amazing! You are so lucky! Here’s proof…you WON!”

When I was about 16, my parents had a fantastic windfall.

For years they had been sending in the entry forms to Publisher’s Clearing House to win big prizes. And guess what? One year they won. Publisher’s Clearing House came to the door and brought them this huge box of a TV. This was before the days of the flat screen and this thing was so big, they had to bring it in a side door. It was about 60” wide and 3” deep.

How fun was that?! Who cared that it took up a whole corner of the house? The picture resolution was terrible, but it was free! I’m certain they received 1000’s of pieces of junk mail as a result of sending in their address over and over, but they didn’t care. They had won!

What does winning do for you? When we win things, we actually program our brain for greater success - which is why the best offsites let you win prizes and test your memory.

How does this process work? Well, the more we win, the more our reward system is triggered and the better we feel about ourselves. The validation that comes with winning is also an important player here. The next piece of the puzzle relies on two important sets of studies.

  1. Studies show that if you enter a situation where you have low status in a group, it will literally lower your IQ.
  2. Research by Stanford professor Deborah Gruenfeld showed that we are constantly establishing social hierarchies in subtle ways with our body language, voice tone, level of assessed expertise, etc.

So, if winning makes us feel validated and happy, how do you suppose that comes across in your body language, and tone of voice?

These are all reasons that you want to set yourself up to win. Every day is an opportunity to win something. When you set small goals for yourself — like “I’m going to work on that client idea until I am prepared and then I’m going to reward myself by getting a latte” you are setting yourself up to win a reward.

When you savor the completion of any project or micro-goal, you are double clicking your own “win effect”. Dopamine scored!

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