Why you need an accountability partner

Sometimes I wish I had a magic wand to make things happen just a little faster. And I know you wish that too. We’d all like to be able to step into the world we desire a little sooner, with a little less messiness. And if we could get to a darn good solution for x,y and z, that would be stupendous too!

What if every day you could have the enthusiasm and motivation you need to have a blast doing whatever you are doing and really stop caring about how hard it is?

Life is filled with disappointing, slow-down moments. They surround us, and baffle us. At any given time, some of us are up and some of us are down. Some of us are driven and positive, and others have been temporarily beaten by the strains of life. We all struggle or win, because we are human and that is part of the roller coaster of this magnificent life.

I believe the most effective way to get farther, faster, is to choose an accountability partner. Choose somebody who can pick you up when you’re down, and who you will in turn pick up during their low moments. An accountability partner might ask you how it’s really going, or call you on your B.S. when you appear to be leaving a trail of it everywhere you go, or they are a pep commissioner for you and your creative genius.

Pep commissioner? Yep that is the person on the sidelines who is cheering their heart out for you to take that next step. They listen, sometimes buy your coffee, and they tell you where you can improve or where to start.

When you have an awesome accountability partner, they are like rocket fuel.

For those of you who missed the Goal Getting online class I gave last week, you might consider taking some time to watch it or send it to someone you think is struggling and needs a few tips to get themselves rebooted.

I know that I need a reboot sometimes, and I lean on those accountability partners of mine and let them lean on me when they need it.We are in this together, Creative Geniuses. Let’s commit to building a strong, creative genius tribe so we can move this planet towards love. Let’s spread love across the planet and it’s people with everything we got. We can do this!