Why You Should Hold Your Breath

Patti Dobrowolski
Nov 8, 2018 · 2 min read
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What with the midterm elections, violence, protests, and everything that’s at the forefront of our consciousness, including the usual “how can I make more money, love, friends, happiness?”, here’s a Creative Genius tip…hold your breath.

When we are facing change, adversity, politics, most of us have a tendency to over breathe. We expound upon, “Will it happen? How will it happen? Could it happen this way? Oh I hope it’s over soon!”

It might or might not be, but let’s face it: all this over breathing makes for a lot of hot air out there that frankly won’t make anything we are working towards happen any faster.

But let’s talk about the benefits of actually holding your breath — yeah, you read that correctly. The longer you hold your breath you become ‘hypoxic’ which means you create a state of very low O2 levels in your blood. We’ve all read about, and some of us experienced the benefits of intermittent fasting. But get this…for the last 50 years scientists have been studying the effects of intermittent hypoxia and have tried various methods of inducing it. It is now a well-recognized therapeutic healing modality ‘Hypoxic Therapy’ (EU at its best!). Here’s what’s new in the hypoxic world…

  1. Hypobaric chambers
  2. Quick ascent to high altitudes for short durations.
  3. Normobaric hypoxic gas mixtures. Using commercially available “Hypoxicators” are instruments that deliver a hypoxic gas mixture containing 10% oxygen. This mixture is called “HGM-10.”

Despite the weird looking websites promoting this, and the overachieving TDF riders who sleep in one of these tents, I think this is a much better way to manage the midterm election hangover than all that chest heaving and shallow breathing. Relax, why not just stop breathing for a minute?

Here’s a few tips on hypoxicating your creative genius self:

1. it’s best to sit down on the couch or bed to do it, making sure you have nothing to the right or left of your body.

2. Close your eyes, then gently hold your breath as long as you can.

3. Try to remain calm, ie. don’t think about politics, relationships, work, etc.

4. Remember, if you pass out, you’ll automatically start breathing again and all will be well.

Naturally you and I don’t want to walk around with a hypoxia glaze in our eyes, but now that the politician slamming ads are over and well, the results are in. Let’s get back to regular breathing again, shall we?

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