Peter Dolan: the life of

1. I’m Peter Dolan and I’m a family man. I go out to Delaware beach every year with my direct family and extended family for vacation. I like to sit on the beach all day. Sometimes I go in the water, but I mostly sit on the beach. I also play hockey. It is my favorite sport. I especially like to watch the Blackhawks. Jonathan Toews is definitely my favorite player. I used to go to St. Raymond de Penefort for elementary school and junior high. I had a lot of fun there and got to learn about the gospel as a bonus. Thanks bye!




Herb Brooks was the coach of the 1980 USA hockey team when they beat the USSR in the Olympics. I got this off google

Muhammad Ali was one of the most motivational people in his fights and a hard worker. I got this off google too

I look up to Kane and Toews’ success on the Blackhawks and hope to be like them one day


I’ve always dreamed of representing my country in hockey and being able to play with the best players in the world


I believe a lot of Americans have great pride in their country and they believe we are the best

We also have the best military in the world by a landslide to keep the country safe

But for all the good there is still bad in the country. People still riot when they are upset instead of trying to solve the problem

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