I loathe my iPhone.

No, let me rephrase that: I loathe the experience of owning a mobile smart phone. Mine happens to be an iPhone, and I’m calling attention to that for a reason.

Remember the iPod? The first iPod launched in 2001. It was Steve Jobs’ baby, and it literally saved Apple from oblivion. Jobs sold it as a bog-simple concept — “1000 songs in your pocket.” It was a portable digital media player — ho-hum today, but that’s because we forget its novelty in its time. But the real vision embodied by the iPod was in Jobs’ insistence that Apple own every…

What’s the secret to success in outsourcing writing projects? How do you get the greatest value in the shortest time for the lowest cost? Obviously, one of the most crucial things you can do to ensure your ultimate satisfaction is to engage the most effective writer available for the project.

Picking the best content creator is more art than science, but there ways to improve your odds of success. I’ll pass along some hints below…but that isn’t really the point of this post. …

Here’s one of those missed opportunities…

I got an email informing me that a close relative had made a donation to charity in my name. It pleased me — it’s a gesture a lot more of us should be making these days. Then it hit me that I’ve been having a lot of trouble getting into the spirit this year. It seems likely to me that the passage of this tragically corrupt Republican package of favors to their wealthy donors — just in time for Christmas — could be a major contributor to my end-of-year malaise.

I wish I’d had…

Every “civilized” society socializes the risks and burdens of providing for the basic needs of its citizens. It shares the costs across the entire population. Some needs can only be provided for in this way — health care, the best example, is an unaffordable luxury for most citizens unless everyone equitably shares the cost of maintaining a widely accessible system.

You know everything you need to know about the top 0.1 percent of the US population (exemplified by the Kochs, Sacklers, Waltons and Adelsons) when you understand what they really want from the government they have co-opted or bought over…

Confession time: I’m a LinkedIn spammer. OK, not exactly. What I mean is, one of the ways in which I market my services is by sending messages to people with whom I share various LinkedIn.com Groups — people I don’t actually know. LinkedIn facilitates this, and the truth is that it’s an effective way to reach prospective clients, if it’s done considerately and with the requisite flair, and if the message you share has some actual relevance to the recipient. Actually, it’s worked out rather well.


Opening an Iraq War time capsule

President Obama has decided to send 275 US troops to Baghdad to protect the US Embassy there. It’s something of a relief that their mission is so carefully circumscribed. Still, don’t 275 grunts sound like a lot of manpower to defend one building?

It might be, if this was any ordinary building.

I wrote something in June 2007, in the early days of the 2008 Presidential pre-primary season, about the Baghdad embassy, which was then in the final stages of construction. I’d like to share it with you.

* * *

One for the Next Debate

Campaign 2008 is underway early, so those of us who care have…

Reasons to be cheerful about the Crimea occupation

I so look forward to email from my Congressman, Leonard Lance (R-NJ 7th). Lance is refreshingly frank about the agenda behind his votes in the House, although I suspect some of his candor is inadvertent. His comments often provide backhanded insight into the thinking that goes on in Congress. Today's lesson is about Ukraine.

Lance conducts regular polls among his constituents. Most recently he asked whether we supported "Congress providing Ukraine with $1 billion in economic assistance that's being sought by President Obama." Generally, any Lance poll question that mentions the President is going to get a hostile response in…

Oh, okay. I think I understand it now.

“The House on Wednesday passed another bill aimed at derailing Obamacare - the 50th time the GOP-led chamber has tried to repeal or alter President Barack Obama's signature health law in the past three years.” — CNN Political Ticker, March 5, 2014

Republicans’ aggressive obstruction of the Affordable Care Act has mystified me at times. I’m pretty sure I get it now, though. This is about the relationship between you and your employer.

Corporations try to be rational about their costs, which is why so many jobs are outsourced to low-wage countries. Nevertheless, companies appear to see value in locating…


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