Resolutions for 2018!

Life for me has been a collection of experiments and experiences. I constantly strive to make every year more interesting than the previous one and that’s what keeps me so excited all the time. This has always led me to pursue things that I am quite passionate about. This journey has personally been quite enriching in-spite of being quite tasking more times than not both mentally and physically.

Will that stop me from continuing to do so? Absolutely not! I plan to do more.

I always felt I had all the time in life but over the last few years, somewhere deep down inside, I started feeling that our time is limited and in fact that’s all that truly matters.

Like every year, the dawn of 2018 made me reflect yet again on my aspirations and things that I love to take forward this year. It’s more than a checklist, its a note to myself reminding the promises I make to myself as I kick off another round of amazing 365 days.

So, here go my resolutions. I will account for every one in the list.

1.Generate Revenues and become Cash Flow Positive

Given that we are weaving a whole ecosystem together, it has been a huge learning curve for the past 2 years in terms of building the product as well as understanding the product market fit. However, the good news is that we are getting there. Not only do we plan to experiment with revenue models but we plan to hit a positive cash flow by the end of the year. Ambitious in a way but challenging enough to keep us awake.

2.Hit 100,000 community members on StartupByte

No, am not joking. We are building an open social network for bringing everyone in and around startups onto one single platform and that has been the missing piece of puzzle for accelerated growth of entrepreneurship in India. Imagine the power of 1 Lakh people connected and building/enabling new ventures in India. I have a master plan to do this, here it goes! just kidding! If you think, I have an answer, am sorry to disappoint you but the dream is real and we will do our best to make it happen. Let’s revisit this on Dec 31, 2018 to look back and connect the dots. If it works out, I would surely share the growth story of building a community of 1 Lakh people in 1 single year.

3. Take a Salary

Not in my remotest of dreams did I ever imagine that there would come a day when this would be on my checklist. However, the hard truth as an entrepreneur has been that I have been building the startup putting in everything I can for nearly 2 years now and am yet to start taking a salary. With revenues being planned, hope to get to cash flow positive and start taking modest salaries sometime before the end of the year. After all, money does matter too!

4. Take a Vacation

Not a big deal right? It is for me. We have been working incessantly over the last 2 years without a single day break including working on Saturdays and Sundays. I have decided not to take a vacation until we crack the code and I plan to solve the puzzle and take a vacation by end of this year. Let’s see if we can make it happen or turn 3!

5. Make OUCE Alumni Association Sustainable

It all started in 2010, when I just initiated building the Alumni Association for my alma mater Osmania University College of Engineering and have ever been on it. Years of hardwork is finally paying off now and am determined to make it sustainable in the next 6 months. Have taken a lot of initiatives in the last 2 years and I plan to give a shape to each one of them. Impacting thousands of students and alumni globally is one of the things I always feel proud about as there is no better way to give back to the community and college that shaped you to be what you are today.

6. Build a solid Startup Incubation Center for OU

As the Chairman for initiatives in Alumni Association and the present Joint Secretary, one of the coolest initiatives we have taken is starting to work on a startup incubation center for OU in its glorious Centenary year. Am currently helping build the incubation center and am determined to build an incubator that acts as an innovation and commercialisation hub that will make an impact to the society with amazing idea shape in solid ventures.

7. Read 52 Books

Having a constant passion to learn, I always wished to do two things more often : “Reading” and “Writing”. Reading as it always builds a great perspective with wisdom from some of the best minds globally. I have been constantly overloading myself with work and have done a bad job of it in the last 3–4 years. Now I plan to change things and plan to read 52 books this year. Sounds impossible to me but lets do it!

8. Start Writing Blogs

Given the number of things that I do, I always have so many stories and experiences to share that continue to shape me everyday. However, I never took the time to write though that’s something I love to do. Time to start sharing again! A blog a month is still not a bad idea to start with. Isn’t it? :)

9. Get Fit

One thing that I always ignored is health and my passion for food hasn’t helped the cause tending to keep me overweight / obese for most of my life till date. I am plain bored now and want to get fit and start building a balanced healthy lifestyle. Already on the job. Get all set to see a new me by end of this year! Have almost like 15–20 Kilos to shed and the journey has started.

10. Be more productive and make more time for family

Amazing number of things can be done if planned well and given good amount of focus and deadlines. I have constantly been quite unproductive and let people and situations drive the inefficiency. It’s time to re look at this. I plan to do more but in lot lesser time, thereby, creating more time to spend with my little one and family. Winning the world at the cost of losing those precious moments is not winning anymore I believe!

11. Start learning to code again

Have always thoroughly enjoyed programming and continue to do so but have been totally away from it for over 8 years now. More like a hobby but would love to make a start again even if its like spending just 15 min a day.

Most of the items above might not be adventurous and might sound ordinary/ be things that you take for granted but unfortunately that’s not the case for me at this point of life. Its a luxury that I can’t afford and that’s the beauty of it. What’s stone for someone is a diamond for someone else. Hope to hit each of the above and make 2018 a milestone for all basic things that I always undervalued. If all goes well, 2019 will be the year with most adventurous goals!

Thanks to all of my family, friends and well wishers to support me unconditionally as it takes a lot to build your dreams and these are the real superheroes that play their part behind the screen. Will be sharing a lot more of these stories during the year. Cheers to all of you who are not just dreaming but doing the smallest things that matter.

Charity starts at home and so does my ask towards these goals

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