Why the nice guy finish last?

Not many women will admit to being wrong about their choices in life as much as they say it. Most of the time is the oblivious choices that they won’t admit to it. Choices when it comes to men and relationships. The most beautiful girl in the world ends up marrying the nicest guy. The guy that was rejected because he was too nice. That choice. It is the idea that of a woman who is looking to settle down but she has to reject the oblivious idea of settling. What do I mean by that notion is the nice guy who is willing to settle down with you. For some reason you reject the match of settling down because you aren’t sure about settling.

It is that you don’t wont to acknowledge it just because you don’t want to show a flaw in your character. Think about the countless time that Taylor Swift has been in a relationship. Look at your situation and ask if it’s the men that you settle for. The men you settle for were either willing or not willing to settle down for you. You either did not want to settle down or you did not evaluate the men you settle for. Those are the choices you make for yourself. Even if you blame the men for whatever choices they make, you have to ask yourself sometimes. Every mistake that you made in life when it comes to your selection in men is because you overlook one area of qualities that you need. In reality, you are no different from the men that has came, and gone. Not to be rude or anything.

You wanted the same things that most men would wanted. Sexual and intimacy needs. There’s no shame in it. You realize by having these needs you would be highly criticize for it. So you made it seem more like a relationship standard. You didn’t really want a serious relationship in the beginning of your search. You wanted to explore your sexual needs instead of your need of establishment. No one settles early in their younger age unless they knew whom they are willing to settle with. Every little girl who grew up on fairy tale stories dream of finding prince charming. Every chance they spun with a guy who that deem was their Mr. Right turns out to be more of a sexual animal. You fell in love with that aspect of sexual need over conversational need. When you outweigh a man based on physical need over mental need; you fall in love with a man physical attributes. Every guy does that to a certain extent based on the woman physical attribute and mental attribute. However, when a woman relies solely on her physical attribute instead of mental; a man will not commit to a woman just being beautiful. A man would only commit to a woman that has a balance in between beauty and brain. When a man falls in love with you because of your beauty; he is indeed fascinated and obsessed with your physical attributes. Which makes you think he is solely committed to you as a partner. Then again, you may have the same thought process.

Why nice guys finish last, it is based on time. Time for a woman to recognize what is safe for her moving forward in her life. As a nice guy, you hate to be last but it shows patience. Then again, you were the safe choice. A beautiful woman who has been through countless relationships only to settle with a nice guy at the end of the day. The thing about being the nice guy who finish last is that you won’t get the same treatment like her first choice. However, she won’t make a mistake of allowing you to feel less worthy of her affection. The reason why nice guys finish last is that they are deem as safe choices. Nice guys have a stigma that no woman are willing to have the patience tolerate with it. Stigma like overly submissive, too apologetic, soft, sensitive, innocent, virgin, clingy, weak, and agreeable. It almost seem like a built a man robot. When a nice guy comes into your life early in your prime, you always sway from giving them the benefit of doubt. The reason is that you are not ready to settle at this point of your life. So you as a kind gesture, you friend zone him. If it ever come a time to find someone safe, you would consider him later on in your life. Which is why you didn’t consider to get rid of him but you never know what can change it.

If you happen to be a nice guy consider this as a message to better understand your value. You aren’t Mr. Right now to the girl of your dreams but you will be when she has finally figure out what she needs in her life. To the woman who is reading this in disagreement. The question is why do you disagree with the message, the message is clear. The complexity that a woman hopes of a relationship is always complicated based on who she choose. Look at the numbers of single women and men. Look at the numbers of successful relationships and marriages. Look at how you evaluate the men in your life. Look at each of your fail relationships. Look at your standards when it comes to men. Did you ever lower it for someone based on their looks and sexual needs?

Understand that every woman is decision maker and executor. You determine the future for which you choose. Be honest with yourself early before you determine if being settle down early is right for you. When it comes to the nice gentlemen you meet in life; realize those men aren’t just there to be seen. I am not talking about the guy that you considering on having sex with because of his physical attribute. The guy that you consider average. They are there because you need a foundation to settle into as you move along in life. If you decide not to proceed with them, you are considering it later on in your life. Whenever you decide to play it safe, you will consider a nice guy. That is why nice guys finish last.