The Challenge — Be What You Dreamed

At certain points in my life, I just tend to find myself at a place where everything changes. I am always seeking to grow and change; but there seem to be these periods where the change and growth and just so fluid that although it still feels like a slow struggle at time to me; it can seem to others like some kind of wizardry.

There are several things that I have just always been fascinated by, passionate about, or just really wanted to try; and have never really followed through on — so I decided that now is tomorrow — that anything I had been saying I wanted to do in the future, I would do now, or not at all.

To start the year off; I took the leap from leading a small team of Front-End devs on a large banking transformation program; to being the Front-End Lead at a startup called xLabs (we do eye-tracking via webcam; info on our flagship product can be found here — check us out!).

The things that attracted me to the company were several fold; 
I really wanted to help develop, build and grow a product that I owned and could provide leadership and guidance for.
The co-founders are made up of 1 awesome product CEO and 2 super-smart AI / Computer vision researches.

Being that I spend a fair portion of my life away from the computer meditating or studying consciousness and philosophy (over at Higher Balance Institute); I have always been intrigued by the concepts of artificial life and artificial consciousness, and have always wanted to pursue it but was scared off by the maths; but spend the last few months getting to know my team has inspired me to take it the next step.

So to get further into Machine Learning and AI, I am starting with the Coursera / UoW Machine Learning Specialization, and supplementing any missing knowledge with Andrew Ng’s course on ML and Khan Academy for any of the maths components I have missing (probabilities and calculus I am looking at you).

The goal is to get this done by early September to make the Spring 2017 Applications for the Georgia Tech CS Masters program specializing in Interactive Intelligence.

To Infinity and Beyond!

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