Budapest & Night Run

Short story how I spent two amazing days in beautiful Budapest.

I planned go to Minsk from Munich at the beginning of August and my friend said that at that time he would run half marathon in Budapest. So, I decided to go to Minsk with two days connection in this new city for me.

Shame of me, but I didn’t know that Budapest is Buda + Pest. It is two cities are separated by river. Of cause, now it is one, but they are still very different. I came to central bus station in Pest and we walked to our Hotel in Buda part along one of the bridge. Danube — really wide river!

Temperature was incredible high, more than 36 degree. So, we try to be in the shadow. But of cause, we could not miss Gellért Hill in this part of city, especial because our hotel was very close. I want to say, that Buda is very hilly. I don’t know how I did this photo, but I like it (google photo combined this panorama some how). It contains real city and his miniature for the blind people.

We started melting… So we decided to go to temple which are located inside rock. It would be cold enough :)

Unfortunately, it was close due mass for one hour and we didn’t want to stay there and wait (but late we returned and it is extraordinary place), so we went across another beautiful bridge to Pest to see old Market. We didn’t know why, but transport traffic was blocked on this bridge and it is very cool to walk without cars.

It was big market in nice old building. I don’t remember a lot of markets which are not open air, so it was very interesting for me.

City is awesome, but lets go to most important event — Night Marathon. As I said before, temperature was about 36 degree and now I understand why it is Nigh run! All distance was along Danube embankment, so it was not hot and very comfortable to run.

But first four kilometers were even better! We went up to the big old Castle from next photo and saw whole night city. It was amazing!

I’m not professional runner, so it was good that this run had pacers. So, I run whole distance with them and didn’t make a lot of photos, but we came to run early and I made few, because night Budapest incredible beautiful. We run (two times :)) under this the oldest bridge.

Organizers did good job and help us a lot to register (as I understand this race is popular across citizen and not Ausländer). But I have one note about bridges. This spring we ran Prague half marathon and I compare this two races a little bit. So, one thing is much more better — bridges. We run across 5 bridges in Prague. But Budapest also has very nice ones. I understand that it is really hard to close them, but it possible and I hope next time we can do it in Budapest too.

This race was cool. I had a lot of fun! And of cause one more thing — nice medals :)

We decided to walk less next day due obvious yesterday reasons :) And we took a boat tour. It is very good point to see city.

I want to write about transport in Budapest. As you may know I love trams and Budapest has them! That is why I love this city more.

City has three subway lines. Second one is not interesting because trains and platforms are like in Minsk. Third one is a new and fully automated — without driver, so in first carriage you can have good view point ;)

But first line is amazing. It is oldest subway in Europe (and World?). So, everything look…. like in Steampunk :) Unfortunately, my photos could not provide this view very well, so you must go to Budapest and see!

Second part of day we spent in park. We found interesting castle there with architecture museum, but decided to go to restaurant and eat the best 
goulash in the world, because we was in Hungary.

Budapest left unforgettable memories in my heart. I will visit this city again, especial because I didn’t see a lot of other good places there.

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