Simple AngularJS tutorial using the Github API

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Early last week I was sitting in jury duty with nothing to do so I made a little AngularJS app that calls to the github api. I chose the github api because it is a nice api that has open data that you can call cross domain and you can get allot of useful data without logging in with a user.

First I used Bower to install my packages I will most likely use Bootstrap, AngularJS, fontawesome, and octicons.

Next, I created my index.html file so that I can get started with my html. I know I will want a title at the top of the page to display my name and github username, and a panel with a heading as the body of the page with a list of my github repos in it. I will just leave this for now and come back to add content.

Now I want to start my AngularJS app, I add a directory to my project called /app and add a app.js file to put my angular module into. Also I will add a controller called gitHubDataController and inject the scope and the http module because I will be making http calls to the github api.

Now I want to make a call to the github api to get my github user info. I will add a variable to the scope $scope.username that is my github username (pdsullivan). Then I will make a http call to the github api for my user data. And then on success I will store the returned data into $scope.userData to access in my html view. You can see the data here at the api call.

Over in my html I want to display my username (pdsullivan) and actual name (Patrick Sullivan) on the screen. I will do this by adding an h1 tag at the top of the page with which will access the userData object in the scope and display the name property on that object in the html. Then I will add a link and set its href to userData.html_url so there will be a link to my github profile on the page. Next I will add as the text of the link `` to display my username as the link text.

Now I want to show my github repos (repositories) in a list. So over in my app.js I add another http call to get my users repos. This is similar to the last http call we made but this time I am using the url returned in my userData.repos_url to get the url I need to call for the repos. Here is the link to the data

Now I will add the html to show the list of repos returned by the api call. I will have a bootstrap panel with the panel body having the list in it. I do a list-group and for the elements inside of the list group i use the Angular directive ng-repeat=”repo in repoData” to show every repo in the repo list I got back from the api call. Inside of the ng-repeat I add an link to show the repo title as a link to the repo on github and also show the description next to that.

Then to show a link to the homepage (web page) for the repo I add:

On the other side of the row in the list-box I add code to show the last updated date and the create data of the repo.

I also want to show if the repo was created by me or forked by me. For this I will use the ng-if directive with two different icons to show based on if the repo object’s fork property is true or false:

And to finish that up, the panel body looks as follows:

The last thing I noticed I want to add is a loading indicator when the page is getting the data from the github api (this is because I was sitting in a room with really slow wifi and it was taking 5ish seconds for this data to load and the screen looked really goofy with all that empty stuff). So I will use the ng-hide directive and set it to repoData so it will show the loading text until the $scope.repoData is populated, which works since that is the largest data call I am making to the API.

And there we have it my little AngularJS for fun app.

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Code on Github

Originally published at on October 6, 2014.

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