Solar Oven

I had this project in school in which I had to build a super simple, low cost solar oven. The solar oven had to heat up or pasteurise water. I looked at a lot of websites and found out that there are many ways to make a simple solar oven. I wanted to know more about each type. I first looked at the materials needed and chose the one which had the least amount of materials. I finally found this youtube video where the person makes a solar oven out of just one cardboard box. This seemed like the simplest choice and the easiest to make.

Youtube video:


  • One cardboard box
  • Aluminium Foil
  • Clear tape/Glue
  • Scissors
  • Insulated container
  • Something to support the reflector


  • Flatten out the cardboard box.
  • Stick aluminium foil all over one side of the box so it can act as a reflector, which reflects sunlight.
  • Bend the box into a semi-circle and place it towards the sun, facing south.
  • Place the insulated container, with something in it, at the converging point of all the reflected sun rays.

Important Directions

  • The reflector needs to be in a semi-circle so it can reflect different angles of sunlight.
  • It needs to be facing south so it can get the most amount of sunlight without moving it throughout the day. (Remember, it cooks very slowly).
  • The food needs to be insulated so the heat inside will not dissipate.
  • If it is windy, keep an object to support it from behind. Tape them together if needed.

Photo Log

I used an Eggo Waffle box but any box will work.
Stick Aluminium Foil layer by layer firmly. Glue or clear tape will work.
All most done!
It can stand by itself. Cool!
It was a bit windy so I had to add some support and here is my very own homemade solar oven!

Scientific Learning

  • Semi- circle shape helps reflect sunlight to one converging point.
  • Container needs to have an air cushion to keep it insulated.
  • Keep the container at the converging point to get the reflected sunlight.


The goal for building this is to make a low cost solar cooker or oven to make water safer so it can reduce diseases.

I am going to make the real one at school. This was just a trial to see how it will work.

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