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Vermonster in top five software dev shops in Boston

Vermonster is known for our technical expertise and flexibility, building responsive web applications, messaging bots, and desktop and mobile applications. We take pride in the relationships we form with our clients and the applications we build, which is why we are pleased to announce that Vermonster has been named a leading developer and design agency in the Boston area by Clutch!

Clutch is a ratings and reviews platform that conducts research in the technology sector. They connect small to medium-sized businesses through reviews, testimonials, and insights. This week, they unveiled the top developers and design agencies across five U.S. cities.

Based on our clients’ feedback and a history of on-time and within-budget product launches, Vermonster was named as one of the top five software development companies and Ruby on Rails developers in Boston. …

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illustration: Tara Lojko at Vermonster

Vermonster is a proud sponsor of the conference Elixir with Love, that will take place next week on Friday, November 10th.

Elixir, only six years old, is a language that has received a lot of attention. Elixir is built on top of a language called Erlang: a vetted, decades-old language relied on by half of all telecom networks and used by companies like Amazon, Yahoo, and Facebook. Why? Because Erlang is known for running low-latency, distributed, and fault-tolerant systems. What this means is that it can handle hundreds of thousands of concurrent threads at scale with no downtime.

“Elixir is a dynamic, functional language designed for building scalable and maintainable applications.” …

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Getting the kids ready and out the door in the morning to catch the bus is one of the most challenging moments of each parents day. That’s why we created SchoolBot, an application that helps parents track their child’s school bus in real-time using a smartphone. First launched in Brockton, Massachusetts, the morning routine is less stressful for 17,000 students and their parents now because of SchoolBot.

Before SchoolBot, Vermonster launched a similar product, “Where’s My School Bus?” with the City of Boston to serve 120 schools. Code for America, a nonprofit that builds open source applications for city governments, built the first prototype in 2011 after the city went through a particularly harsh winter that resulted in significant delays and with families waiting for up to 30 minutes in the cold. As many families know, weather and mechanical delays mean disrupting the morning routine of students and can lead to missing the bus or forcing a parent to be late for work after dropping a child off at school. …

Paul Wilson

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