PDX bi-weekly Progress Report

Dear PDX group members, we will release the latest developments of the PDX project every two weeks in order to communicate with you better. Let’s review the 25th PDX Bi-weekly report (July 13th — July 27th)

Technical progress

Technical progress [public chain engine]

Performance and stability testing. Optimization and new features are as follows:

1. Added node admission function, utopia protocol stack supports alliance chain type;

2. Add a built-in contract deposit certificate system;

3. Added built-in contract reward and punishment mechanism;

4. Integration of the Ewasm contract engine;
5. Update the rules of the committee elections to further increase the security and fairness of the utopia protocol stack;
6. Added notification interface;
7. Increase the handshake time verification;
8. Increase header timestamp verification, rank and time together to verify, improve system security;
9. Add a one-click startup script to start the protocol stack independently or start with BaaP;
10. Reconstruct the synchronization module, delete the normal block to synchronize;

11. The transaction parallelization function test is completed.

[public chain IaaS]
R&D of IaaS Cloud 2.1 has been completed
IaaS Cloud 2.2 version development started
Some functions of the IaaS Cloud 2.2 version iteration are as follows:
1. Increase the tourist mode;
2. Add complex solidity release deployment features;
3. Optimize the one-click chain and increase the automatic address generation function;
4. Increase the WeChat and Alipay recharge function;

[BaaP container]
1. BaaP configuration file structure optimization adjustment, it’s more easier to use;
2. BaaP one-click deployment, quickly build BaaP;
3. The deployment of the tarball storage server of the public network application is convenient for the user to download the related application tar package;
4. BaaP and IaaS intelligent contract related interface optimization, simplify user deployment contract, optimize IaaS management of contract status;
5. The development of smart contract multi-chain function has been completed 60%;

The PDX wallet version 2.1 was developed and the iteration function is as follows:
1. Add password, gesture, fingerprint, face unlock security protection;
2. Add import and export of private key and mnemonic QR code;
3. Billing list function modification, increase the status of cross-chain transfer unfinished;
4. The message list increased an incomplete state;
5. Added message all read function;
6. Add new payment QR code function;
7. Prepare to add a batch of mainstream tokens based on ERC20 from Ethereum;
8. The development of supportive function for Bitcoin has been completed 60%.

[PDX deposit certificate]
The main function:
1. Support any amount of deposit space;
2. Support deposit space access control;
3. Support access control information for deposit certificates;
4. Support text, picture, audio, video deposit certificate;
5. The development of the built-in deposit certificate smart contract of the protocol stack has been completed;
6. PDX safe-web background function development has been completed 60%;
7. The PDX safe-sdk function is completed and Safe-sdk using documentation is completed;

[PDX XDC multi-center data more live]
Project plan points:
1. Really consistent, truly live, auto live, achieving low-cost, high-reliability, large-scale, high-performance data and service disaster recovery;
2. Seamlessly expand and expand anytime, anywhere: add nodes at any time, delete nodes at any time;
3. Based on PDX BaaP multi-chain platform and PDX Utopia blockchain, with very low latency, high scale capability, throughput and concurrency;
4. The data more live process is automatically reliable, Non-repudiation, cannot be tampered.
5. Research and development has been completed.

Community operations
1. There are 13 official groups, 20 new users, and about 8,600 active data in the group;
2. There are 38 super group owners, 8201 members in the group, 101 new members, and about 6,000 active community data.
3. Overseas group: 152 new users were added, including 19 VIP group users and 133 official group users.

Media report
1. The public wechat account added 25 followers, updated 2 articles, and the impressions was about 600;
2. Jinse financial, bishijie, zhidian community, Weibo, toutiaohao and other self-owned media platforms, and published 9 articles totally, the exposure is about 1.3W+;
3. Twitter followers increased 46, and content impressions were 123K, increased 32.5% that last month;

4. The founder of PDX, Zhang Jiangang, made a live broadcast in bishijie, sharing the theme of “The future of PDX one-click creation “

(Click on the bottom left to read the original text to watch live playback);

5. The founder of PDX, Zhang Jiangang, made a live broadcast of the coin world, and updated several newsletters on the live content. The details are as follows:

Community activity
The “PDX Creative puzzle Activity” started, and we has received many creative puzzles from users, and will show the excellent puzzles next week. The activity is almost over, please join us!

Market performance
The current PDX price is $0.009655800, the highest price is $0.00119800, the lowest price is $0.0009655800, and the final price is $0.00119800, increased 16.31%. The maximum daily volatility is 19.56%.

- About the PDX public chain -

PDX public chain, designed to create a public blockchain ecosystem, as a public blockchain IaaS, with strong underlying patented technology to help enterprise customers, developers and ordinary users enjoy the blockchain Convenience and fun.

The PDX public chain advocates that data sovereignty belongs to users.

Thank you for review the 24th progress report of the PDX project. The PDX community grows with you and welcomes to join the PDX community:

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Facebook | https://www.facebook.com/PDXbaap

Twitter | https://twitter.com/PDXbaap

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PDX BaaP is the world’s first real reconstruction blockchain, the blockbuster really make the key practical applications, but also the world’s only support in t

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PDX BaaP is the world’s first real reconstruction blockchain, the blockbuster really make the key practical applications, but also the world’s only support in t