PDX blockchain hypercloud: unlimited scalability

We claim the PDX blockchain hypercloud has unlimited scalability for a reason, and here’s why.

Tree of Trust Chains (TTC)

As shown in the diagram here, the PDX blockchain hypercloud organizes its chain instances in layers with the topmost layer as business chains and all layers underneath as the tree of trust chains. The first business chain, i.e. BC(0) is the service chain which hosts the PDX token.

Besides the number of layers in the tree of trust chains, denoted as l, two other parameters are important to mentions, 1) the number of nodes (overall and consensus) in each trust chain, denoted as s, and 2) the number of upper layer trust chains (or business chains) that a trust chain can serve, denoted as c.

The total number of nodes supported in the ecosystem is

Nn = s * (1-c**l)/(1-c)

And the total number of business chains supported is

Nc = c**l

Here, c, l and s are fully configurable and extensible if/when needed. However, even a small c, l and s can make the PDX blockchain hypercloud ecosystem massively scalable like no other on the planet. For example, with the default setting of c = 64, l = 4, s = 64, the total number of nodes the PDX blockchain hypercloud can host is Nn = 17,043,520, and the total number of business chains that it can host is Nc = 16,777,216.

Enough to claim unlimited scalability, let alone the unlimited extensibility of this architecture.