I Quit My Job To Become a Web Developer

Hi. I’m Mike. *wave*

January 1st, 2016, was the day I chose to start a new life for myself. After 16–17 years of going with the flow and working at companies I wasn’t in love with, I decided to make a change. I promised myself that I will never work just for the sake of working ever again. I will never allow myself to have a career that doesn’t make me excited to get up in the morning. I want to be happy, I want to have fun, I want to make a difference and I want to be proud of what I do. None of my previous careers have offered that.

The few months prior to this day had been spent dabbling in web development. I checked out different languages, different tools, took online courses, talked to developers and read everything I could get my hands on. While I did not do anything amazing during this time, I had a major epiphany: This. Is. Awesome.

“What is awesome, Mike?” Everything, mi amigo. Everything about development is awesome to me.

  • Take any idea I have and turn it into a real world, usable web app? Awesome.
  • Spend 5 hours Googling and StackOverflowing(legit verbs..don’t sass me) how to implement a ridiculously small piece of code that would take a real developer 2 minutes to complete? Awesome. Why? Because even though it took me a long time, I just did something I’ve never once done in my life..and it actually works.
  • The ability to create and build something that literally did not exist before I put my hands on this keyboard? Awesome.
  • Work in a field that is so dynamic that I am always able to learn new things and take on new challenges? Super Awesome.

Being able to take these skills and give back to my community, solve real problems with code and just release my inner nerd are all incredibly appealing to me.

So, here we are. I recently turned 33 and decided there is absolutely no reason I shouldn’t take a leap towards what I want. I paid off my car, sold material items I don’t need, saved up a little bit of money and left my job. I’ll be spending the next 6/8/10/12? months solely focused on learning everything I can about web design and development.

I cannot wait until I reach a point where I feel I could be beneficial to a team and start applying for developer positions. I cannot wait to have a position where I am surrounded by other developers to learn from and soak in their knowledge. I also cannot wait to be knowledgable enough to turn around and teach others.

I’m scared and nervous, yet I’ve never been more excited or proud of myself. I’m following what makes me happy. It’s that simple. I know this will not all be rainbows and butterflies, and I know I have an incredibly tough, humbling, challenging road ahead of me. The cool part about that is…the road is open, there is no speed limit, and I thrive on challenges.