Why pre-production and post-production matter

So, it’s just about a month since I started my ‘let’s make and release a project every month’ thing, and I said that in May, I was making a game, and hmm… where’s the game?

Cut to Sunday night — I’m lying in bed, making some final changes to the code for Gotta Get Outta This Space (the aforementioned game), after a pretty hectic weekend of building. …

An incrementalist approach to developing a creative practice

In the wake of writing The Shelf (a blog post where I advocate shelving projects until it’s the right time for them), I had a few people asking me about how shelving might work as a concrete process. I also found myself asking a pretty simple question: “What projects are right for me at the moment?”

For a while, I’ve been working part-time on purpose, with the intention of using the extra time to work on my own projects. And I have worked on them, but I’ve also purposefully kept them low-key and low-pressure, focusing more on regaining creative confidence than creating a thriving practice (more about that in On creative anxiety…). …

The joy and utility of shelving projects

We’re in a weird time at the moment, in a way that makes the phrase “we’re in a weird time” seem quaint and ridiculous. Most of us are stuck at home, and many are suddenly faced with a lot more free time.

There’s been a bit of an undercurrent of opportunity in this situation, as some have seen that this is a pretty great opportunity to pick up creative projects, to learn new things, or to get your life in order in a way that there just never seemed time for before.

Others have correctly pointed out that it can be pretty unhealthy to expect yourself to be creative at a time of massive stress and uncertainty. Because no-one needs the stress of feeling like they’re not being productive enough on top of the apocalyptic stresses that are currently circling us all*. …


Paul Sztajer

Interactive artist, inspired by science and education

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