How Capitalism Preys on Basic Human Needs Until They’re Twisted Upside-Down
umair haque

The biggest reason life expectancy is going down is because of unhealthy habits. Healthy habits triumph and have more impact than healthcare for the big majority of people. Obesity, smoking, alchool consumption, other drugs and sedentarism are all up.

Education is free thanks to the internet, and online paid education is much acessible and cheaper than university ever was. Standard higher education has never been more useless since 50% of graduates aren’t employed on their industry, standard higher education is not the best option for the majority of people.

Healthy food is expensive? I never understood this. Healthy food is not expensive at all. You can eat healthy on less than $50 a week. There are tons of guides on youtube on how to do so if you don’t know how. It’s a lot cheaper to eat healthy than eat at fast food chains and those are filled with poor people.

If you actually want to help people you need to figure out how to teach them to fish and not hand them the fish. Why are a lot of people not able to take advantage of all the knowledge and wealth the internet created and is capable of creating?