Eat the Fruit of your Lips

I listened to someone talk about herself and point out all her wrongs and emphasizing that it will remain that way because she can never change...

Undoubtedly, we all have flaws that we may not know how they came into being, it’s true, very true. But I wonder why we think they can’t be changed, to the extent that we continually telling them to ourselves daily until they become reality.

It has been said over and over again that “ what you say is who you are” but we continue to say negative words to ourselves, to our families, and even to our country.

Why don’t you practice saying the right things to yourself and others? Gradually it will become a reality.

While chatting with my friend this morning, I was reminded that words are powerful. Yes, words are so powerful.

The scripture in Ecclesiastes 5:6 says “…do not say before the angel it was a mistake…” hmm…watch what you say.

Remember that the accuser is ever waiting for something to accuse you before the Father. Your words can be a powerful tool to use against you if you speak carelessly.

Your lips should drop honey like honeycombs: honey and milk should be under your tongue (Songs of Solomon 4:11)

Grace is poured into your lips, that’s where the blessing lies.

You have been given the ability to speak gracefully, so speak gracefully and you will eat the fruit from your lips.

At the start of each day, you can use words of affirmation, reminding yourself of who you are, speak every good thing you desire and then watch how they become reality.

Here are some words of affirmation, feel free to add more…

I am talented, I am creative, I am greatly favored by God, I am equipped, I am well able, I will see my dreams come through. I know what I have on the inside. I’m a child of the most high God. I’m full of His “ Can -do” power, and I’m going to rise to become everything God has created me to be…

Search for more words of affirmation and keep saying them. Just like Pastor Chris would say “ keep saying it, don’t stop saying it”

Remember that you will eat the fruit of your lips.

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Peace Anyanwu

Peace Anyanwu

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