Peace Anyanwu


Truly I'm grateful for May 2022

πŸ–€It has been a month filled with Abba's love all around.

πŸ’™Yes, I made mistakes but it's part of the building. So, I'm grateful for the mistakes too.

πŸ’›There are things I haven't achieved till this moment but I'm keeping hope alive. And will give my best to achieve them next month.

❀I'm grateful for the lessons the month of may has taught me.

πŸ’œ I'm grateful for the strength to keep pushing forward.


πŸ’₯You can take this time to be thankful for all the goodies (sweet or bitter)the month of May has brought your way.

πŸ’₯Note: Being thankful is a good way to refuel, encourage and prepare yourself positively for the next month...

So, what are you thankful for???


Happy Last Day of May 2022

You are Loved

Β©Peace Anyanwu



Peace Anyanwu

Peace Anyanwu

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