Neoliberalism is destroying the world and true populist left progressivism is the only thing that can save it

By: Seth Gossard

In a previous article I harshly criticized republican and libertarian politicians for their policies especially on their denial of climate change. I tried to put an emphasis on separating republican voters from republican politicians. Many people often turn to republicans because they get fed up with the democrats being sellouts like republicans. Out of touch democrats think that this means it’s okay to become more like republicans. The reality is that You people don’t vote republican because they want to be uninsured or go bankrupt from healthcare. They don’t vote republican because they don’t want to be paid more for their minimum wage job. They don’t vote republican because they don’t want their social security and Medicaid expanded. They vote republican because they know that both republicans and democrats are sellouts who work for corporate donors and not them. They vote republican because republicans are offering tax cuts. Democrats can never emphasize enough how they are the party that cuts taxes for the poor and middle class while increasing taxes on the rich. The reason is that these democratic politicians and their donors like getting tax cuts so they really don’t want to do much to oppose tax cuts for the rich. The poor. and middle class end up paying a bigger share of taxes once the rich start paying less but the democrats never campaign on this. The result is that republicans keeping winning elections. In 2008 the people were fed up with republicans 8 year rule that led to the Great Recession so they gave the Democrats the White House and supermajorities in the house and senate. This is similar to what happened in 1932 election during the Great Depression. Instead this time the democrats didn’t push for another new deal. They didn’t raise the minimum wage; a bill passed in 2007 gradually raised the minimum wage to $7.25 in 2009. They barely even pushed for a public option healthcare system. They gave us a healthcare plan that republicans used to propose as an alternative to Medicare for all. The ACA saved thousands of lives and insured millions of more people but it didn’t go nearly far enough for the democrats to hold onto power because people still struggle to pay bills under the ACA, 28 million Americans are still uninsured and thousands of people still die every year because lack of health coverage. The democrats probably wouldn’t have lost a thousand seats if they had pushed as hard they could for Medicare for all or at the very least passed a public option. Instead people saw that when Dems were given an opportunity to clean up the mess republicans had created they would only clean up half the mess so from 2010 and onward republicans kept winning midterm elections. When Bill Clinton got into office he let Hillary deal with an overly complex healthcare system while he worked on negotiating NAFTA. Instead he should’ve left NAFTA negotiations and fought for a simple an efficient Medicare for all system that would be easy to explain to the American people. Instead Hillary’s complex plan was defeated while Bill Clinton negotiated NAFTA and made it slightly less harmful to workers and the environment but overall it hurt the environment and took away worker protections and regulations in general in North America. NAFTA lead to thousands of US jobs being shipped to Mexico. This “trade deal” was just a way for corporations to have more power and make more money by outsourcing jobs to Mexico where they can pay workers lower wages and have less regulations to follow. Bill Clinton abandoning the poor and middle class led to the republican revolution of 1994. This gave Bill an exuse to serve his donors and avoid progressive policies that his donors didn’t want like universal healthcare. He now had bipartisanship as an excuse to kick people off welfare/cut spending for social programs and do derugulation. Later Bill Clinton would even sign the Balanced Budget Act of 1997 which would cut Medicare by billions of dollars. Bill Clinton also deregulated the economy, most notably by repealing Glass Steagal. Deregulation under the Clinton administration played a role in the 2008 financial crash to some extent. In 2008 a month before Obama was elected president he was pushing for the $700 billion dollar Wall Street bailout in the senate before it passed. The bailout assured big banks and businesses that they could continue to lobby for legislation that will deregulate the economy and cut their taxes so they can make short term profits and still get bailed out by corporate welfare when these policies lead to the economy crashing. Democrat and Republican politicians claimed that a bailout was a necessary bipartisan measure towards economic recovery and decided not to punish the businesses that crashed the economy by committing fraud. Going back to the Clinton Administration a specific piece of legislation that deregulated the media allowed corporations to monopolize the television and the newspaper industry. Before cable networks couldn’t buy newspaper companies and vice versa. Now just 6 corporations control 90% of the media. Thanks to Bill Clinton we now have limited competition in the media. There is a false illusion of choice when it comes to people deciding where they get their news. These companies also promote corporate propaganda with their media companies and avoid covering important stories if the stories go against what the corporate media wants. Neoliberalism also only goes half way when it comes to fighting climate change. Canadian PM Justin Trudeau may say he cares about acting on climate change and the environment but those are just meaningless words if he keeps approving oil pipelines. French President Emmanuel Macron may have thrown shade at Trump on twitter over his decision to leave the Paris Agreement but that doesn’t make up for the fact that he supports diesel fuel, nuclear energy and trade deals that could harm the environment. The Obama Administration may have taken some action to fight climate change while also doing some deregulation at the same time and companies like Exxon Mobil continued to get billions of dollars in subsidies every year. The fight against climate change should be a bipartisan issue because it’s about protecting our planet for not only future generations but ourselves who currently reside on this planet as well. No one wants to breath in dirty air or drink unsafe drinking water, yet greed from corporations has led to neoliberals and conservatives being bribed to do deregulation that leads to these problems. Obama also extended bush tax cuts to the rich while also proposing to cut social security. Austerity is displayed as bipartisan, but cutting programs can have very negative consequences and it doesn’t make much sense if you say we have no choice but to cut government spending to reduce the deficit while also proposing to increase government spending when it comes to the military and the defense agencies while also cutting taxes on the rich. This means you’ll have less government revenue while still having too much government spending if you insist on increasing the largest military budget in the world even though you cut spending for everything else. To deal with the deficit Obama proposed only small cuts in military spending and raised the debt limit. Obama said he wanted to withdraw all troops from Afghanistan but then changed his mind and decided Afghanistan couldn’t govern themselves without the taliban taking over. He also continued to arm the brutal absolute monarchy that is Saudi Arabia who still beheads people in public and is currently bombing civilians in Yemen. Obama and Trudeau have both armed Saudi Arabia and the US even uses their own drones to bomb women and children in Yemen. Obama pretended to be concerned about the civilian casualties in Yemen and halted some weapon sales but before that he didn’t seem to have a problem with giving weapons to a dictatorship were women have to cover up head to toe and get permission from their partners or family members to be able to do anything and aren’t allowed to drive at all. He pretended that he was concerned of Israel building illegal settlements in Palestine but he continued to sell them billions in arms anyway. Obama can’t get Flint Michigan clean water but he can give Israel 3.8 billion dollars worth of arms every year. Obama had time to negotiate TPP and other trade agreements yet he couldn’t get a infrastructure bank or another economic stimulus package, public option healthcare, an increased minimum wage or an end to Guantanamo Bay. Neoliberal democrats don’t go far enough when it comes to fighting climate change, reducing wealth inequality, avoiding wars and improving healthcare. They negotiate with republicans to deregulate, cut taxes for the rich, allow corporations to merge to create oligopolies and monopolies, allow privatization to continue/increase, allow wars to continue, cut welfare for the poor while continuing welfare for corporations and negotiate trade deals that outsource our jobs. While any progress towards the right direction for anything is good we can’t let politicians get away with only going half way. We have more people in prison than any country in the world and the highest incarceration rate in the world. That needs to end and marijuana needs to at least be legal for medicinal use. Private prisons need to come to an end. You shouldn’t be able to make money off of locking people up in a cage. Millions of Americans don’t have health insurance or can barely afford the insurance they have. If you don’t think Medicare for all is the answer than your solution to healthcare better account for eliminating medical debt, an end to people dying from lack of healthcare and a plan that insures everyone. We have a trillion dollar student loan debt crisis that’s a bubble waiting to burst. If you don’t think we can afford tuition free college then you better come up with a plan that at the very least significantly reduces the student loan crisis. If you care about the future of your children and their children and so on them we definitely can’t go halfway on climate change. How much money would the fossil fuel industry need to pay you to make you be okay with drinking dirty water and breathing dirty air? A clean energy plan is an economic boom waiting to happen. Solar and wind keep getting cheaper. Oil and coal are becoming obsolete like the horse and buggy, telegraph, flip phone etc. We need real action on fighting climate change, ending mass incarceration, rebuilding our infrastructure, fixing our healthcare system and raising stagnant wages. Neoliberal dems are getting in the way of taking full action on climate change. Republicans politicians are completely obstructing action on climate change but those republicans are in office because democrats ran as neoliberals who abandoned the poor and middle class and sold out to Wall Street just like the republicans. This unsustainable system must end. Democratic neoliberalism is cancer that allows republicans who deny climate change to get elected and get rid of all the environmental protections that keep us safe and help us fight climate change. Conservative and neoliberal inaction on climate change must end immediately. Bernie Sanders offers real solutions to serious problems and the majority of the American people are on board with his agenda.

Medicare for all would cost less by cutting down on administrative costs and tuition free college would be cheaper than the current system. Bernie Sanders is the most popular politician in the country and the most popular among senator’s constituents.

Meanwhile Hillary would likely still lose to Trump if the election were today. Neoliberalism has led to massive increases in corporate profits while everyone else’s wages have remained stagnant or even decreased. Neoliberalism isn’t about the “free market” it’s about corporate welfare, deregulation, privatization, economic decisions undemocratically made by the rich and outsourcing agreements with some protectionist elements that help certain corporations. In the United States corporations can spend unlimited amounts of money on elections. The highest spender is usually the winner because they can run more ads and handout out more campaign posters. More economic decisions are being decided internationally/globally through organizations with leaders that aren’t elected by the public such as the IMF, WTO, World Bank, EU, European Commission and The European Central Bank. A new study by the U.S. Army College’s Strategic Studies confirms US imperialism is currently unsustainable. We must end corporate welfare, the military industrial complex and mass incarceration. We. We need to invest our money in healthcare, education, infrastructure and clean energy instead. Neoliberalism and Imperialism neglect the general public while helping the rich. The rich get richer the poor get poorer. Neoliberalism will only lead to the US corporate empire imploding. Enough is enough, no more neoliberalism. It’s time to reinvest in this country and our children’s future. We must address climate change before it’s too late.