Well aimee I understand that at the ripe old age of 27 you have a lot of life experience to draw on…
Kenneth Floyd

Kenneth, how charming of you to mansplain to me how I’m wrong. I will have you know I was an atheist at the time of my conversion to pro-life, and have been an agnostic during many of the years since then.

I became pro-life at the age of 16, after my on-again, off-again boyfriend raped me on Valentine’s Day. A month and a half later (and three months after our last consensual encounter), I had skipped a number of months worth of periods and was waiting anxiously for “Aunt Flo.” I told him I thought I might be pregnant. He ignored me for 3 days. Then on the third day, he pulls me out of class to tell me to get an abortion. Says he’ll pay for it, he’ll drive me,… and if I don’t, he might kill me.

So yeah, my mind was changed in a situation that put me up against the wall.

Because in the moment when my own life was threatened, I realized that I couldn’t be like him: I couldn’t use violence against those weaker than me simply because they were an inconvenience in my life. How much better would I be than my own rapist if I used this “might makes right” mentality? The rape and misogyny and abuse I faced from him were oppression, to be sure. But abortion is just oppression redistributed against a small, defenseless, innocent, and infinitely valuable human being. I chose nonviolence, and have been working to embrace this holistic nonviolent philosophy ever since that day in my Sophomore year of high school.

I hate it when people assume they know my motivations. I have zero desire to control other people. I just think it’s common sense that intentionally hurting human beings is wrong.

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