Do we reincarnate?

i listened to a radio broadcast. It was an interview on topics usually uncovered in mainstream media. Sometimes i paused the player after the host had asked a question and tried to answer it on my own. This time, the question was: What do you think about reincarnation?

Reincarnation means rebirth. i don’t know anything about it because i’ve never experienced it. But i like to read stories and watch movies. There is a theory that there is a pool for all the souls. A soul picks a body considering data about them like information about the body’s parents. Somebody has even made an entertainment movie about it but i can’t remember its name. Maybe, i’ll come back to this allegiation and explain why i tend to forget such things. The body will be picked during the third pregnancy month. The body is a mean for the soul to experience our reality. Without that vehicle, a soul can’t feel anything or move around here, in this world. Right after entering the body, the memory connection switches from the common pool to the limited memory space in the womb’s head which contains no information initially.

A soul is like an operating system. Without a soul, the body is just a zombie. we have seen people in coma, at least in movies — they aren’t capable of interactions. After the body dies, the soul leaves the body and that vehicle doesn’t move anymore. The soul goes back to the common pool and is ready to pick the next body.

Once the memory is switched, the soul can’t perform because they can’t remember anything. During the lifetime of the body, the soul learns and fills out the memory of the body with data. The memory inside a human body is like Random Access Memory (RAM) in a computer. Once the computer shuts down, the content of RAM will be erased. Once a human body dies, their memory will be erased. Once the brain is too long without blood it is the same as a computer being without electrical power. Next time, the computer can still be started if its operating system is stored in the second memory called harddisk. But this is the next life already with a new up-time. A computer can go to sleep, id est hibernation which means that the RAM-image will be stored to harddisk to pick up while waking up. A human body can sleep and during that time the disk image of the primary memory in the brain will be stored somewhere. During sleep, strange processes take place. Some say that the brain organizes the memory during sleep. Once a human sees a dream it is like a screen-saver. But what compares to a harddisk? What remains after the body dies? The creation of the soul inside that body remains in the world. This is the permanent memory that also other human beings can access.

Now, it’s time to come back to the topic why we forget some things. That information is still there but it is in RAM. We don’t forget things that we need frequently: like walking, it is a pretty-much automated process, we don’t think how to walk, it just happens because we have practiced it so much. This kind of information is kept in cache. In a computer, the cache memory is the fastest. It resides inside the processor. The second-level cache is close to the processor and some machines also have a third-level cache. So how different is a human being really from a computer?

Why do we forget things? The hardware of a human is very limited. The memory capacity is limited and the processing speed of the brain is also limited. You can imagine having a desktop or laptop computer and willing to render a large video on that. It takes time. During rendering, data will be copied between memory locations and the processor works constantly with heavy load. The heavier the processor is processing the data, the hotter it becomes. Once a certain thresold is reached, the power will be cut off from the computer for saving the processor and other components from overheating. Once a human manages to act supermultitasking, what happens is they get a seizure. The human brain also has a warning system for protecting the system from falling apart. During the seizure, the thinking is switched off for allowing for the brain to cool down. Have you seen movies like Lucy or Transcendence? The more they use their brain at the same time the more unhuman they become and the more they can control. The whole memory pool of souls couldn’t just fit into the hardware of a human but if the human manages to overcome it’s body’s limits then singularity happens — the soul returns to its original pool. What do we do to render videos quicker? We can add another processor, more memory, build a cluster of computers. And if we want to achieve more in our thinking process we can do very much the same with our bodies: if not adding chips into the body we can still build a cluster of humans. If we share our discoveries then new ideas form quicker.

i have mentioned a chip inside the body. But it doesn’t need to be inside the body. we already wear chips pretty much everywhere — smartphones. we use computers for solving problems for that our own hardware is too limited. Some of those computers look like humans because humans want their robots to look like them. Where have i heard or read something like that? Right, in Bible! god created a man according to their face. Once we think how we create our robots looking like we then we can imagine how the human prototype was created. As emotions base on chemical processes then how difficult could it be to program emotions? Using hypnosis, it is doable anyway. For our robots we know who is their god but who is ours?

Have you ever played a computer game against a computer? You move your character and influence the artificial intelligence built in the game. Or you just watch other characters acting. In a low-level computer game, of course, those characters are nothing more but electrical signals without a soul. And they have no idea what’s going outside, that there even exists an outside world— they don’t see you as their user. If you manage to upload your conciousness into that game then you can choose a character to move around in that game knowing everything you know outside the game. Again, there are entertainment movies made about it: Tron, The 13-th Floor. In the latter, they play even games inside games and move between them. Of course, they can’t step physically into that game because it is another reality. Going into another reality is only possible virtually, id est by transferring signals. The body remains in this world but another body in another reality uses the same conciousness. It reminds me the movie Matrix.

What if we are also characters inside a game or simulation? Again, in Bible, we can read a lot about god watching us and not having a body. Why can’t a god have a body? Because they are our users! They can see us but we can’t see them because they live in a reality which is higher than our reality or surrounds it. This is exactly the same reason why we can’t go into a computer game but we can watch what’s going on there. Something landed from the sky and Moses got the ten orders — the user wanted to intervene and used a hologram. As soon as we figure out how to transfer our conciousnesses into the god’s reality and find a way to use somebody or something as a vehicle we can move around and interact there. Then, we can learn everything about their technology and climbing further the levels up should be a piece a cake. i think that there is an unlimited number of levels of realities.

If somebody is watching our simulation then how much can we influence our life in this reality? If we do what our users like then they don’t have to intervene and our destiny is upon us to define. But if we do something that they might not like then they could intervene for preventing of destruction of this world. It is also highly probable that they save states of this simulation so that they can rollback to the last good known configuration and continue from that another timeline. we could not pay attention to that because our future memory is lost in another timeline and we only remember what we have learnt before that save state. This is why we can describe ourselves as what we have learnt. we are what we remember. Once somebody dies they don’t exist anymore, the dead body is just a piece of unusable hardware whose pieces may still be usable as replacement parts. Once a living human being looses a part of their memory, that human being changes because they can’t remember a part that defined them, that other people may have remembered on them. The very same way a computer is what is inside its memory. This defines what that machine can do.

As RAM dies with body, their memory can still be transferred into the common pool of souls. But choosing another body in a reality means loosing access to that pool again. This is why we can’t remember our previous lives if they existed. But every software has its flaws. Some people feel flashbacks from other timelines, some people remember previous lives, some people are being used to transfer messages between realities.

Knowing that in the next life, we wouldn’t remember anything learnt in this life, does it make sense to live this life at all? Yes, it does. we all create values, data that will be stored in the secondary memory. And in another life, we can access that memory. Of course, we have no idea which data was created by ourselves but summa summarum it doesn’t matter. What matters is the information itself and what we can do with it, what we can achieve with it. As all the data created in this reality can still be accessible in the user’s reality then it is not a waste. It is useful for someone for some purpose.

Some muslim terrorists say that killing many people and committing a suicide results with a happy life in a paradise. But if the paradise is the pool of souls then there are no options to enjoy anything in this world. A soul can’t see, hear, feel, touch, move, a soul just exists and lives only in a powered hardware that can run it. These are the actions we can do in this world anyway. But in addition, we have a lot to experience around us, we can see, hear, taste, smell, touch, move and there is much more to discover, endlessly! There are endless reasons to enjoy and preserve this reality.

Understanding how we deal with realities that lay below or inside our reality we can understand the realities our reality is a part of. Getting how the characters born and die inside a computer game we have an idea how it happens in our world. i don’t know anything about the pluralismus of realities nor reincarnation but i love to think and dream because: what if it’s true?